Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who, me?

I was thinking of something more like this. But after managing the "short" run on Sunday, I guess I can't play the crippled card much longer.
UPDATE: carry on past Wat Khao Kloi for 2.3 km and turn right and wind your way 1.2 km through the village to the site I've used so many times before. (I like this one because it provides almost 360º of running possibilities.) The road beyond the site still isn't very good, so we'll use the usual place: N 7º00.388 E 100º34.509.

For better or worse, this will officially be the first attempt at a single run for both long and short runners. I have a cunning plan for slowing down the former*.

And yes, please do come to the quiz if you can. My turn as quizmaster has been postponed so many times that I've probably put in more hours on this thing than in my last two or three jobs combined.

*Does beer count as cunning?

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