Saturday, July 29, 2017

A one-run experiment

It was about 5km and just over 40 minutes for the FRBs (led by Little Tool and Just In Not Yet, a nice change from the usual suspects) to the beer stop. From there the official run carried on another 2.5km around that ugly loop to the north. The hare took pity on All Black, Meals on Wheels, Handjob etc. and had them come back on the main trail, which as you can see was only about 300m from the beer stop to the runsite. 
So this was pretty much Gan Yao's idea, though he pissed off early so we're not sure how much of it he actually ran on paper. Anyhow, finally it was one run for everyone, admittedly with a shortcut back from the beer stop for those who looked liked they'd had enough. Somehow Perky didn't get the memo so he went the whole way round with his kid on his shoulders, which had to be the day's top athletic achievement.

For the hare there was considerable satisfaction in 1) a good turnout, most of whom seemed to like the run, and 2) losing Sex Sprinter onto the big hill at the upper left of the map above, where there was no paper at all. I have to admit that I borrowed large sections of this one from a run in 2014 that also "lost" SS, so it was highly gratifying to see that it worked again.

Beer stop photos to follow!


  1. An excellent run, Beaver, with surprisingly little short cutting. Except by that demon Sex Printer, who used his knowledge of the whereabouts of the second part of the run, gained while we were having a quiet beer at the beerstop. Arrrrgh!

  2. Yes, thanks to everyone who stayed on paper. The only way I could think of helping the slower runners keep up with the faster ones was by using loops, which only works if the frontrunners don't get clever and shortcut. So the one-run concept works, but requires a little cooperation from everyone.