Wednesday, October 30, 2019


This week's penultimate run in SH3's second millennium (and yes, the millennium does end in 2000!) is being set by our very own prince, Not the Full Shilling, with his princess and the royal mutt in close attendance. Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1999, Saturday, November 2, 2019, 4:00 p.m.

Hares: Not the Full Shilling, Worm and Mai Dtem Baht
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 10k to the Nam Noi traffic lights and turn left for 3.6 km, then turn right just after Wat Prutoh for 750 m. Turn left for 1 km then right at the hash sign for about 250 m to the run site at 7°01'54.8"N 100°33'10.7"E. Click here for Google Maps pin. If you are coming up Poonakan from the PSU direction, take the left turn opposite Wat Thung Nai at about 6 km (or if coming from Wat Keow Kloy, the turning is on the right at about 5 km) and go 3.5 km along Th. Prutoh-Thungnai, then turn right for 1km etc. Please note that the start of the run will be at 4:00 p.m. to avoid losing people after dark again!

Sunday's (November 3) HH3 run is to be set by Syntax Error, China Doll, Double Door etc. The location is out behind Ban Phru: from the Klong Wa intersection of Kanjanavanit Road and Route 43 beyond Macro, take Kanjanavanit Road south for 4 km and turn left at a set of traffic lights into Th. Klongyathai. Follow the road for 4.2 km then turn left at the hash sign for 1.3 km to the run site at 6°56'30.7"N 100°30'45.9"E. Map below or click here for Google Maps pin.
Meanwhile, Friday (1st November) there is a quiz night happening at Oscar Bar at 8:00 p.m. with the qvizmeister being Koko. Come along and support your favorite version of the hash team, or better still make your own team and help make Koko's effort worthwhile.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Lest we forget...

In all the excitement about the up-coming 2000th run, let it not be forgotten that SH3 will celebrate its 38th birthday this Saturday. So to help us remember, the run will be a beer-token run with the short and long runs carefully planned so that everybody should get a crack at finding some tokens before the beer stop at which they will be redeemable, with any excess being carried forward to be used later at the run site. There will also be a few special down-down beer tokens to hunt for on the final section of the run and to top it all off, Only a Yolk will be producing a vat of khao soi with all the usual trimmings to be demolished before the circle.

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run # 1998, Saturday, October 26, 2019 4:15 p.m.
Hares: Egghead and Harram
Misdirections. From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 13.8k to the traffic lights just beyond Thung Wang and turn right for 1k then left at the hash sign for 500m to the run site at  7° 3'8.28"N 100°38'17.82"E. From Hatyai, get to Tha Kham and head east for 5.8k to the big tree then bear left and go 2k to a set of traffic lights at which turn right for 400m. then right at the hash sign for 500m to the run site.  Click here for Google Maps' pin.

As the nights are now drawing in and after narrowly avoiding losing a couple of runners last week, we need to start the runs a bit earlier, so this week's run will be a 4:15 p.m. k.o. but if this causes anyone a problem please let someone know. This is particularly relevant if you are going to do the short run as that will be an A-B involving transport to the A site so don't be late.

Also, and again bearing in mind our experience with our intended host-land-owner last weekend, please park considerately. There is not a huge amount of space at the run site but parking on the side of the road is feasible and to be preferred to carving up the ground between the rubber trees if the ground is still wet. Equally however, if you do park on the road make sure that there is enough space left for vehicles to pass by.

Finally, with the 2000th run now only 2 weeks away, Hash Cash will be happy to accept payment of your registration fee either at the SH3 or HH3 run this weekend or failing that, next weekend, and if you haven't already registered but would like to do so, registrations with guaranteed on-the-day T shirt rights are still open. But after this week there is no guarantee of getting the size you order on the day and you will have to take pot luck in size availability after the actual run.

HH3's runsite on Sunday is illustrated in the map below, or if you prefer: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 16k and turn right at Wat Khun Thong then go 5k and turn left at the hash sign and follow the road/track for about 1.6k to the run site. From Hatyai, get to Tha Kham and head East for 4.3k then turn right at the hash sign. The hares are Sex Printer bin Laden, Beanie Abdul Karim. Sound Chef Mohd Kassim and Gu Man Thong, who is not in the picture! Click here for Google Maps' pin.

Monday, October 21, 2019

What happened in 1997?

Well, Britain handed back Hong Kong to the Chinese, Tony Blair became Prime Minister and Princess Di was killed in a car crash....

No, no! Not that 1997! Run 1997! Nothing special - just an average run: where we were ordered to vacate the run site by an irate owner threatening to call the police but then found a much better run site; where the anticipated influx from HH3 didn't really happen but where we were mighty grateful to those who did turn out in the rain to support the woefully inadequate turn out from SH3 regulars; where the long run (green-red-green above) went up the hill by the most direct route - over rocks and through thorn bushes causing the normally unflappable Buk Toy to opt for the short run (in green above); where Yardo saved the day by waiting for two HH3 runners who would otherwise have been left up the hill in the dark, and where the hares were eventually forgiven for all the pain by finding a lovely way down the hill which will no doubt feature in future runs in this neck of the woods when someone else is brave enough to try to set a run there. But all's well and all that sort of stuff. Back at the new improved runsite there was a mountain of food which Only a Yolk had just  whipped up after coming home from the HH3 outstation and the damp conditions, late finish and absence of a GM caused the circle to be cancelled which meant that due praise and scorn in equal measures were not handed out to the hares, Stick Insect and All Black for an eventful and ultimately highly enjoyable run.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


This weekend, HH3 and SH3 swap slots with the HH3 outstation run taking place on Saturday and the SH3 run following on Sunday. The HH3 outstation run is at the same runsite as the HH3 run 3 weeks ago  illustrated above. For the verbally inclined: Take the road to Hatyai Airport and immediately before the security check at the entrance, turn right onto the 4037 for 300m then follow the road left as it becomes the 4045 and go 2.7k along the perimeter of the airport. Follow the road for 1k as it turns left, right and left again then take the first right turning (5045) and follow that road for about 14k until it meets the 5071. Turn left for 2k then turn left at the hash sign and follow the road/track for about 600m to the run site at 6°53'33.5"N 100°14'15.3"E Click here for a Google Maps pin. 
The run itself is advertised as starting at 3:00 p.m. and there is a car rally preceding it which will start from the Rama V statue in Hatyai Park at about 8:30 a.m. Anyone wanting to do the car rally would be well advised to contact Sex Printer pronto to register interest as there is likely to be a get-together on Friday evening at which stickers etc. will be distributed.

SH3's run will take place on Sunday, 20th October and the details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers run # 1997, Sunday, October 20, 2019, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Stick Insect and All Black
Misdirections: From the Samrong traffic lights at the Kao Seng intersection near Rajapath, take the Hatyai (Kanjanawanit) road for 4.8k and. turn left through the temple archway for Wat Bang Daan. Go 100m. Turn right immediately over the bridge (before the wat) and follow the concrete road for 700m to the runsite on the right. From Hatyai Go 1.7k. past the New Yala Road-Koh Yoh fly-over. Turn right towardsWat Bang Daan and go 100m. Turn right immediately over the bridge (before the wat) and follow the concrete road for 700m to the runsite on the right at 7° 8'12.0"N 100°35'28.35"E. Click here for Google Maps pin

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

SH3 2000th run

Could anyone who is intending to come to the 2000th run on November 9th but has not so far given their name to me please do so today by commenting on this post (or by e mail or on the SH3 Facebook Messenger page) The registration fee of 250 Baht for named SH3 runners does not need to be paid until the beginning of November but we need to order T shirts this week so we really need to have a good idea of numbers.
Registration will remain open right up to the day but anyone registering later than today will have to take their chance on the availability of the T shirt.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Wear a yellow T shirt...

HH3 have asked that if possible could attendees at today's HH3 run wear a yellow T shirt?

... just passing on the message!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hare raising!

This week, SH3's trusty Hare Raiser does what he was elected to do (not that we told him that at the time!) set runs when no one else steps up to do so!

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1996, Saturday October 12, 2019, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Not the Full Shilling, Worm and Mai Dtem Baht
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for 8k then right at Wat Keow Kloy into Poonakan for 1.2k and turn left  for 500m to the runsite on the left at 7.019139° 100.568958°. From the other end of Poonakan, the turning is 9.8k and is on the right.

HH3's run on Sunday will be in Songkhla from somwhere in the vicinity of the naga's head statue up at the end of the peninsula north of Kao Teng Guan. The precise runsite location has not yet been announced but will be added later. The format is a run which is likely to involve teams and collecting things for prizes. There will then be the usual food and circle and for those who want to party, the fun will go on late into the night with camping for anyone who doesn't fancy the drive home. There will however not now be a full moon run following the HH3 run as after recces, both the HH3 hares and the prospective HFMH3 agreed that setting two runs on the same day in that area that don't intersect was next to impossible.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Sai with added HH3

Geddit? Geddit? Oh, never mind. 

This week's SH3 run is from behind Ban Sai Kao on the track out to the waterfall. Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1995, Saturday October 5, 2019, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Egghead and doggies.
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 16k and turn right at Wat Khun Thong for 3.5k then turn left immediately after the big tree. (If coming from Hatyai get to Tha Kham and head east for 5k then turn right just before the big tree). After 150m bear right and follow signs through the village for 850m to a T junction and turn left for 200m then turn right and follow the road/track for 1.1k to the run site just up the track on the right at 7.024685°N 100.619107°E. Click here for a Google Maps pin. For vehicles with low ground clearance there is a flat parking area available a little further along the main track on the left.
HH3's run on Sunday is being set by Sex Printer, Toy Boy and Syntax Error from just off Poonakan Road in the turning on the left (from Wat Keow Kloy) at 4.8k (or 6.2k up from the other end - the second right turning after Wat Thung Ngai). Click here for Google Maps pin or see the map below. 

And don't forget that this Friday evening there is a quiz night at the under-new-management Oscars Bar with Eightball posing the questions and Hot Buns as the new mein hostess. The quiz starts at 8 p.m. or thereabouts and rumor has it that previous advice notwithstanding, this will be Toolbox, a.k.a. Pui's last night in Songklhla so just in case you  have missed either of the two previous opportunities to say goodbye, come along and do so on Friday!

Finally, as everyone should know by now, SH3's 2000th run will be happening on 9th November and there will be  a special run and a party to follow at the Thung Jaeng restaurant on the new Yala road. The registration fee will include a T shirt and dinner following the circle with free beer and soft drinks all evening.  This week will be your first chance to register for the event and Songkhla and Hatyai H3 runners will enjoy special reduced rates depending on status. Registrations can be made either at the SH3 or the HH3 runs this weekend or next weekend. After that registrations will be accepted but you may have to wait for your T shirt.