Friday, December 29, 2017

Out with the old....

For our final run of 2017, stalwarts, Conescrew and Short of Brains will be bringing down the curtain on a mildly forgettable year, before SH3 rises phoenix-like from its own ashes next week and turns a new page in its checkered history. And who said that mixing metaphors wasn't a good idea?

Details are: Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run # 1905, Saturday, December 30th 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Hares Short Screw and Conebrain.
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the new Yala road for 836.65m (oh, ok, 850! and turn left then immediately right into the run site where Star Golf used to be.

Beyond that, the remains of 2017 beckon with the likelihood of a few beers and maybe a bite to eat after the run (details to be decided) and then the HH3 New Year's Eve party on Sunday evening, which kicks off at 6:00 p.m. or any time you fancy arriving, and is at Gold Star (Buk Toy's yard: go 12k down the old Hatyai road to the Ko Mi traffic lights and do a U turn. Come back 500m and Gold Star is on the left).  For those who don't fancy the drive home, there is lots of covered space where you can bed down for the night, but a sleeping bag would be a useful accessory as would a cattle prod if you don't fancy sharing it with Mi. Alternatively there will be a camping area if you enjoy your privacy and can be bothered to erect your tent. But do try to put in an appearance; there will, as usual, be lots of food and copious amounts of beer and other uplifting beverages and the evening will feature a number of hash acts including the SH3 Barber Shop Quartet performing a tender ballad about the joys of motherhood. Don't miss it - it's a once-only performance, or it will be once the audience get hold of them afterwards!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Robocop's Christmas cracker

...or damp squib perhaps. By the miracle of Hash cooperation and a bit of artistic license here is Sunday's HH3 run, long run in red with the broken purple line representing the sensible option taken by the short run, or at least some of them as there was actually no short run set. Assuming this is more or less correct the long run was only about 3.5k and got up to about 180 meters. Hmmm... just as he was doing so well!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Christmas to all our readers (now with added HH3)

It's the season of good cheer so appropriate headwear would be, well... appropriate for tomorrow's run which is being set by Sex Sprinter from somewhere behind Ban Dan School.

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1904, Saturday December 23 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Hare: Sex Sprinter and friends
Misdirections: From the Kao Saeng intersection take the old Yala road for 8 km then do a U turn after Ban Dan School at 7.105488° 100.632947°. Come back 200 meters past the school and turn left at the hash sign, then follow the road for about 3k or until you hit the run site.

After the run there will be a shortish circle in order to allow everybody to get into town for the Hot Bread Shop Christmas party. Please do try to come along to support both the run and the party as there are likely to be more than a few visitors from KL including Softy and Temp in transit to Texas.

Hatyai Hash on Sunday is somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere and our best guess is that it will be within medium-range ballistic missile distance of Songkhla, and will be set by someone with two heads (ok, we made that up. It will probably be Robocop). But beyond that who knows? Details will be posted appropriately sometime in advance of the actual run.

As predicted it's the man with two heads!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Run 1903 Done!!

For anyone interested in such things, above is the track for Saturday's SH3 run. With another small but determined turnout for the run in unusually good weather compared with what we have been having in the last few months. The long run was again about 7.0km including the 7 false trails, 6 checks & 1 checkback, and one beerstop; with a total ascent of 260m but never attaining a greater elevation difference then 60m. Even though I could have sworn those hills looked higher, as Gan Yao will attest to.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Another Chanong Run

Due to our misdirection editor being snowed in by academic servitude, directions this week are being brought to you by the hare himself. And speaking from a completely unbiased editorial position, many people are saying that this weeks run will almost certainly be proclaimed to be the best run of the year so far. So to make sure that you won't be disappointed to find you have missed the run please make careful note of the following Misdirections:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1903, Saturday December 16, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Hare: Yardstick
If coming from Songkhla: proceed to the traffic lights at Ang Thong (NYR / OYR intersection). From the traffic lights proceed south on the Old Yala Road (OYR) for 8.3kms then turn right onto the concrete road just before the entrance to the small mosque (opposite the large microwave tower on the east side of OYR); 19.1kms from Samrong Junction. Follow the concrete road through the village following hash signs or paper, for 2.0km to the runsite on the concrete road.
If coming from From Hatyai:  take Route 43 East for 20.6km from the Klong Wa intersection (7.8km beyond the Phichit Road junction). Turn left at the SH3 sign for 3.4km along the concrete road, to the runsite.
Runsite co-ordinates are  N 7° 00.739'  E 100° 39.135'

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Today's HH3 run and yesterday's news

Today's HH3 directions are to get to the Nam Noi traffic lights then turn east, (i.e. left from Songkhla, right from Hatyai) and go about 4k, passing Wat Pru Toh on the way, then turn right at the hash sign to the run site up the red-dirt road. The hare is Robocop.

Yesterday's run shown above was (believe me!) a bitch to set - not that there was anything particularly difficult about the run itself, although the long run pack might disagree, but with an abortive recce at another site on Monday, the recce for the run itself on Tuesday, the lay on Friday which failed to complete the long run and didn't even contemplate the short run, a supplementary lay early on Saturday and then shepherding the short run on Saturday afternoon around what had up until then existed only on the GPS, the run basically took the thick end of 4 days to organise. Matters weren't helped by the weather, which was wet all week, some local creativity with the paper and the fact that a lot of trails, which we have used for years in that area, are just not viable any more. But in the end half a dozen people got as far as the beer stop on the long run and a slightly larger number completed the whole short run, including a guest or two from Koh Samui, a couple of new runners, one of the two returners, and Stick Insect, sporting his latest life-style injury and a pair of flip flops which came off towards the end of the run and gave way to bare feet.

For the record, although Kan Kai racked up 8.1k on his smart phone app., the long run excluding the F's and X was just under 6k as far as the beer stop, with the whole of the pack opting for the ride down the last 600m of road. The total ascent was a surprisingly large 260m, with the maximum height reached being about 270m. The short run, having suffered a fairly hairy truck-ride up to their starting point, opted to complete the road trip down from the beer stop on foot, so covered a little more than 4k reaching the same high point but with about half the ascent. The returning Gan Yao went AWOL but managed to be first at the beer stop, proving that his trip to the civilized(!) world has not blunted his native instincts. With most of the habitual short cutters absent for the day it was left to Kan Kai and Palm job to opt for the road down to the beer stop rather than take the hares' carefully planned route to avoid it.

A curry-fest followed with three on offer from different cooks, most of which were polished off by the depleted host. The circle which followed managed to greet two new runners but failed to welcome back the two returning runners both of whom had POE'd along with one of the hares. Red Mullet from KSH3 got named Red Herring and Sparky became Extra Terresticles (you had to be there!). Palm Job and Kan Kai were iced in lieu of more serious short-cutters and yours truly represented the haring team which though not credited this time around had involved the entire canine section of the Egg family at some point during the week, plus Eightball and Buddy who was even drafted in to aid the herding of the short runners on the day.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Come to the hash - you know it makes sense!

This is just a taster of what's in store at this week's SH3 run - glorious trails and breathtaking scenery without all the pain of climbing the hill and you don't even need to get your feet wet! So  try and fit the run into your afternoon and we promise you can be away from the run site in good time for  whatever else you may have planned for Saturday evening. Go on! You know it makes sense!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

All change!

Early notice this week that the runsite for Saturday's SH3 run has been changed as the roads behind Nern Pijit have taken a beating from the rain and are not passable by anything that doesn't pass muster as a monster truck! So this week's hares have opted for a guaranteed dry run site with a hard-top approach road and most of the run will take place above the level where water damage is likely to be a problem - yes, you've guessed it, Prem's Place!
Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1902, Saturday December 9, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Hares: Eightball and Egghead.
Misdirections: from the Ko Yo intersection take the new Yala road for 800m and turn left (usual diversions to avoid the KYI apply!). Follow the road for 800m then turn up the hill at the National Library and park outside the Home of Faith at 7.125868°N 100.591162°E.
This will be an A-B run involving runners for both runs being ferried up the hill to the A site. Transport will leave from the B site (Prem's Place) at or shortly after 4:00 p.m. If you think you may be a few minutes late leave a comment below and we will wait.

At this early time in the week, wounds are only just healing from last Sunday's HH3 run (actually it was a very good run and full marks to Robocop for finding a lot of good dry trails without going up every available hill) so there is as yet no news of the HH3 run for next week and that will get posted when available.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Today's HH3 run

Today's run site is on the road up to Khan Lao the big hill with the scout camp on top. Coming from the PSU end of Poonakan take the right turn after Wat Tung Ngai (5.5k from the traffic lights with Kanjanawanit road) and go about 4k then turn right at the hash sign. The run site is at the end of the hard top. From the other end of Poonakan the turn is on the left and 5.5k down from Wat Keow Kloy. The hare is Robocop and he says there are no hills.... yeah, right.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Putting the 1900th run to bed

With apologies to Beavershot!
I've put the final runners list as well as the final account for the 1900th run up on the One-Drive page, here if you're interested. The salient points are that we had 66 people at the run of which 3 were hares. They paid a total of 7150 Baht to which was added 10,000 Baht from Curry in a Hurry for the T shirt sponsorship (thanks again GG!) and the balance of the total cost of the event which came out at just over 36000 Baht was met from hash funds, the total sub being 19757 Baht - just inside the budget set of 20,000 Baht. That leaves us with about 41000 Baht in the kitty (not that Kitty!)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sparky's first lay

Not too many people get to set a run before they are named (as opposed to some people who never seem to set a run even though they have been named!) but Sparky who won't be officially up for naming for at least another week will be setting this Saturday's SH3 run with Kan Kai.
Details are: Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1901, Saturday December 2nd 2017, 4:00 p.m. (repeat 4:00 p.m.)
Hares: Kan Kai and Stephen Park, a.k.a. Sparky
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for about 3k and turn right at the traffic lights into the zoo road. Follow it for 700m then turn left for about 1.8k into the Gor Sor Nor and follow signs to the Thap Pala Cottage resort/restaurant at the eastern end of the reservoir.

HH3's run on Sunday will be set by Robocop but the location is so far unknown. Meanwhile the final quiz night of 2017 will be taking place on Friday December 1st  at 8:00 p.m. at the Office bar. The Hash team are on a hat trick of defeats and with 'teacher' Chris setting the quiz the auguries are not good. But it's all in a good cause (which one we are not sure) so come along and compete, support, cast aspersions or just poke fun at the ignorance on display.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wet! Wet! Wet! (and that was just the beer!)

Yesterday's runs as laid although neither of them actually got completely set before the off as both long and short run hares ran out of paper in the morning in the attempt to lay enough for it not to be washed away by the rain. The short run got completed by Only a Yolk just in time as she only narrowly avoided being caught by the front of the short run pack who made it to the beer stop in about 40 minutes although the last runners to get there were a good 30 minutes behind them. To their credit, all of them except the injured Julie then completed the run with Curry in a Hurry taking the shreddy bag home and completing the trail from where the paper had run out just short of the tidal section of the two runs, but by then everybody had wet feet anyway.

Meanwhile the long run made their way across Kao Lam and the first runners arrived at the beer stop in exactly one hour with most of the remainder arriving in the next 15 minutes or so. Thereafter, the Thais followed the paper home while the farangs steadfastly waited at the beer stop for the one missing runner, Conebrain, eventually persuading the hare to abandon his post and take them all back to the runsite instead. To his credit, Conebrain had followed the instructions and the paper and must have arrived at the erstwhile beer stop not long after it had departed and then did what any sensible person would have done in the first place and followed the road, eventually stumbling upon a friendly local who obligingly took him to Tung Jaeng on his motorbike. For the record, the long run for those who went all the way was 7k including the 5 false trails and the total ascent was about 250m with the highest point  at 195m Those who chose to take the truck back did less than 6k all in, so no complaints about over-long runs before parties please! The short run was 4.1k and made 4 river crossings - hence the wet feet and barely made it over 50m from a starting point of 19m.

A rather rowdy and very wet circle followed which successfully named 3 new hashers, some of whom have been coming to the hash for more years than the GM. There were then a slew of mugs and T shirts to award including the GM herself for her 100th run topped off by Chao Ngor (800) and Buk Toy (1100) getting their long service awards. In an effort to get everybody inside out of the rain, the afternoon's sinners were reprieved and the circle's glowing eulogy for the hares efforts in setting the runs in less than stellar conditions was cut off in its prime. Such is life.

A party followed of which reports are still appearing on other organs of the hash and of which photographs on this blog would be welcome, preferably involving people making complete fools of themselves. Thanks to lots of people for making it a great day. Particularly to Curry in a Hurry for his generous sponsorship of the T shirts, the sizes and quantities of which, for once,  we got almost completely right, to Dung Beetle for having the sense to turn round and come back  rather than getting lost again and to Conebrain for following the instructions to FOLLOW THE PAPER! even if the paper didn't actually lead him home (now who forgot to break the last check then?). But most of all thanks to Jeow and her staff at Tung Jaeng for letting us behave badly and keep them up to past midnight and providing us with another brilliant buffet and also keeping us in beer until our capacity to consume it ran out, at prices that would make the Beer Butch weep.

So like the T shirt says: On On to 2000!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Run 1900: All is revealed!

In a complete break with tradition, Saturday's SH3 1900th run will take place at the Tung Jaeng Restaurant on the new Yala road and along with with Curry in a Hurry who has generously sponsored a T shirt for the occasion, the hares will be Egghead and Only a Yolk. There will be free beer and a buffet dinner to follow with Karaoke for the audibly challenged.

The details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1900, Saturday November 25th, (times as below),
Hares: Curry in a Hurry, Egghead and Only a Yolk.

Misdirections: From The Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 11k and turn right at the Ang Thong intersection into the new Yala road for 1.4k to the Tung Jaeng restaurant on the left at   7.086757° N 100.623507° E. If you are coming from the Ko Yo intersection take the the new Yala road towards the Ang Thong intersection and take the final U turn (just before Ang Thong) and go back westwards for about 1.3k. (Directions from Hatyai will be appended as a comment below).

Run times: The long run will be A-B so to make sure that everybody is back in good time, the transport to the A site will leave Tung Jaeng at 4:00 p.m. (if anyone thinks they may be late, give either Egghead (0819691227) or Only a Yolk (089 6546541) a call. The short run will start and finish at Tung Jaeng so will begin at about 4:15 p.m, and latecomers will be directed to the out trail.

Registration/T shirts: Thanks to Curry in a Hurry for generously sponsoring the event T shirt. As a result, registration will be 100 Baht for everyone (guests and new runners included) with all kids at 50 Baht. The T shirts will be free to named SH3 runners (including those who are named on the day) who are at the run (no exceptions on that one!) and who registered in advance before the deadline. If there are any left after that they will be given out to any named SH3 runners at the run who didn't pre-register, or will be available to guests at 200 Baht each.

Beer/Dinner: Thanks to HH3, Sex Sprinter and Palm Job for sponsoring 5 cases of beer which will be available from the beer truck together with the contents of the truck which has been "bought" by SH3 Hash Cash for the occasion. There will also be a beer stop on both runs sponsored by the hares and if all that runs out then we can buy beer from the restaurant at 70 Baht a bottle (Chang and Leo). Dinner will be a buffet and should start at around 6:30 p.m.

Hatyai H3's run on Sunday will be from in the general region of the football field at Tung Ngai in Poonakan road.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stick Insect presents...

A Stick Insect run is always an occasion to celebrate as his new career as a born-again teacher keeps him too busy to set runs very often. But he's returning to one of his old haunts this week with promises of new and interesting trails and just a hint of wet feet as the rainy season grinds towards its end.
Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run # 1899, Saturday November 18th 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hare: Stick Insect
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4k and turn left at the Kuan Hin traffic lights then go about 6.5k and turn left for 500m to the run site just beyond the water tower at 7.070652°N 100.611909°E. From Songkhla town  you can avoid the Ko Yo intersection by taking the old Yala road for 11k from the Kao Seng intersection and turning right by the beer shop (about 1k past the Angthong intersection) then go 2k, passing Wat Kao Lam in the process, then at the crossroads go right for about 2k and the turning to the run site will be on your right. From Hatyai, take the old road to Kuan Hin then turn right at the traffic lights for 6.5k, etc.

Sunday's HH3 run is Kai Jeow's attempt to make amends for the near disaster two week's ago. The run site is new and, yes there will also be some never-before-run trails as well as some old favorites, and the hare is definitely not constructing any bridges this week so wearing an old pair of running shoes might be sensible! Misdirections are: From Wat Keow Kloy at the top of Poonakan Road, head towards Nern Pijit and after 2.3k turn left. After 150m, bear right and follow the road/track for 1.2k to the run site in the rubber on the left at 7 00.642N 100 35.704 E.

Finally, notice that by popular request SH3's start time will be shifting to 4:00 p.m. for the remainder of the rainy season and this week will be the last 4:30 start for a while. The 1900th run on November 25th will, however start at 4:15 p.m. with the first 4:00 p.m. start the following week.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Last chance!

We're in the final stages of organizing the 1900th run on the 25th November. The venue will be no more than a 30 minute drive from either Songkhla or Hatyai and the registration fee will be no more than was charged for the birthday run (100 Baht) for active or regular runners or for guests/new runners (300 Baht). The hares will be Curry in a Hurry, (to whom many thanks for some generous sponsorship) and Egghead. We currently have 50+ people registered. If you want to check if you or your friends are registered the list is here on the Hash One Drive page. If you want to add your name please either respond to this post or send an email to by Thursday (November 16th) midday. If you register after that we can't guarantee....anything!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tomorrow's HH3 run today!

Not content with having set us a fair old run this afternoon, Sex Printer in the good company of  Sex Blackman will be setting tomorrow's (Sunday November 12th) HH3 run from another of Beavershot's cast-offs: From Wat Keow Kloy, take Poonakan for 1.2 k and turn left opposite the pale shadow of a big tree then follow the concrete road for 500m or so to the run site. If it's any comfort, he promises it won't be as hard as today's SH3 run (well it's a comfort to me anyway!)

Friday, November 10, 2017

After the rain...

And the rain let up
and the sun came out
and were getting quite dry
Almost let a pick-up truck
nearly pass us by...

So, the rain seems to have stopped and with Sex Sprinter and Buk Toy setting the SH3 run this Saturday and the event having been advertised to the HH3 fraternity as being registration day for the birthday run in 2 weeks time, there should be a good vernacular turn out this week. It would therefore be nice if we could match that with a better farang turn-out than we seem to have been managing lately. Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run#1898, Saturday 11th November, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Sex Sprinter and Buk Toy
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for 6k then turn left at the Tha Kham crossroads for about 4.5k and look for the sign on the right opposite the moto-cross track, at  7.039608°N 100.609081°E. Park considerately beneath the rubber trees trying not to churn up the ground too much!

Sunday's HH3 run is...well, you know... It'll be added later.

Now, that birthday run. Out of the confusion and misinformation comes... well, more confusion and a complete lack of information. You're just going to have to trust your committee, or those of them who are in the know to get it all organised for the 25th November. Trust, as in we're not telling you the location nor the cost (although that is not going to break anybody's budget) and we're not even going to tell you who the hares are, mainly because that is still slightly up in the air. Suffice it to say that there will be a run there will be beer and there will be something to eat. And as long as we all turn up there will be good company good crack and quite likely the odd song to enliven the evening. Those who have already signaled their attendance by indicating an interest here or on the facebook messenger page are already registered and if you haven't done so already you can add your name through either channel, or just let us know this weekend that you are coming. Registering will ensure that you get your share of whatever is coming on the day....say no more. If you don't register then nothing is guaranteed!

Monday, November 6, 2017

A wet one

Yesterday's HH3 run will probably go down as being memorable for all  the wrong reasons as the culmination of 3 days' rain almost caused both runs to be called off.

Setting the long run on Sunday morning as the rain fell steadily, the hare noted the crossing  of the first stream to be a little wider than had been the case on the recce earlier in the week, and towards the end of the lay, observed that the crossing of a second stream  was a little wet under foot, but nothing to be concerned about at that stage of the run.

Come the afternoon however, the hare having left the short run to be set immediately before the off, discovered that the first stream at the point where the short run was due to cross it on the in trail, a little lower down its course than the first crossing on the out trail, had, to put it mildly, become rather swollen and in an effort to find a more comfortable point upstream,  eventually arrived back at the first crossing point which was by then in the middle of a raging torrent. Finding himself on the other side of the river to the run site, the hare then made the decision to cross and was promptly swept away, only managing to stop himself by grabbing hold of some vegetation on the opposite shore on a bend. At that point neither run seemed feasible as both had to get across the river, and the short run had to somehow cross it twice. Nevertheless after some disbelieving looks from the assembled packs at the suggestion that the runs should be abandoned, hare, Kai Jeow aided by Lady of the Lamp and Knobshot set off with a skein of rope to try to construct a safe (albeit aqueous!) river crossing, but in the event, with a conveniently discovered tree trunk, were able to erect a makeshift bridge by wedging it behind two handily located trees and then use the rope as a handhold (Beaver please note, you would have been proud of our efforts), across which the long run, swiftly followed by the short run crossed while Sex Printer braved the rapids to hold the log steady. Not only that, but the short run having no other crossing point later made the perilous journey back across the river using the makeshift bridge a second time, this time without the steadying influence of Sex Printer.

Meanwhile the long run reached the beer stop in about 1hr 15mins from whence the hare had intended to transport them back to the run site to avoid their crossing of the second stream which by the sound of it was probably even more dangerous than the first. The pack had different ideas however and Kai Jeow was forced to set off with the soggy remains of a bag of paper and relay the end of the run to take it via what was a marginally less wet crossing a little downstream and thus to complete the whole run.

For the record, the long run with four fairly modest F's and no X's was 7.5k, and the short run with only one F was 3.9k. The long run ascended 354m to a maximum height of 297m with the short run climbing to 157m and descending to a low point of 80m. Thanks to all for not giving up and not getting drowned in the process, and to my two fellow bridge-builders for their invaluable assistance in the absence of a real beaver. Thanks also to Star Soccer for the gift of beer and to the HH3 cook-team for a sumptuous spread on a less than clement day.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Whack, whack, whack!


This week's SH3 run is being set by Sex Sprinter and the run site is on the other side of the big tree-Khun Thong road almost opposite where we were (or weren't in most cases!) last week. Details are:

Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1897, Saturday November 4, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Sex Sprinter and Buk Toy
Misdirections: From the Kao Saeng intersection  take the old Yala road for 16k and turn right before Wat Khun Thong. Go 1.5k and turn left for about 500m. Follow indications to the run site either in the rubber on the left at 7.037663°N 100.643658°E, or, depending on accessibility, up at the top of the small hill immediately ahead. Hatya'isters should get to Tha Kham and go East for about 6k to the big tree then go straight ahead for another 2k and the turning is on the right.

HH3's run on Sunday is being set by Kai Jeow and the run site is out Nern Pijit way: From the old Hatyai road, 4.6k turn, go 10k (2k beyond Wat Keow Kloy) and turn left. After 150m follow the road round to the left and then for a further 2.1k to the runsite at 7.016616°N 100.598455°E.

On Friday night there is a quiz night at the Office Bar starting at 8:00 p.m. at which yours truly will be the quiz master. The much-reduced Hash team got roundly beaten last time out so needs all the support it can get! (Whack, whack, whack!)

Finally: last chance to register your support for doing something for the 1900th run in 3 weeks' time. Visit the Online Scum or the Facebook Messenger page to indicate your interest. The response so far has been to put it mildly, underwhelming, but like the man said, it's not over by a long shot (is it?)

Monday, October 30, 2017

19 again? Whither 1900?

Get well soon, Fu Fu!
Saturday's SH3 run was notable for all the wrong reasons, with attendance slumping for the second time this year to 19. But even that number fell further not long after the start of the run as Fu Fu suffered a hopefully mild infarction, forcing the Sex Sprinter-Super Pig clan to depart hastily to take the ailing canine to doggie hospital. The last report was that she was recuperating but won't be taking part in any more runs. The end of an era indeed.

Following the medical drama, hare Ruu Man Kap was so flustered that he forced the abandonment of the short run and called back the  remaining 5 long runners from where they had just broken the first F, only to then admit that he was confused and had to send them back whence they had come. After that things settled down somewhat and the 7k run was subjected to faint praise  by the pack.

Yesterday's HH3 run proved to be of a different mettle altogether, with Sex Printer and Sex Blackman delivering both the short and long runners to a point somewhere near the Korakot Restaurant on the New Hatyai Road and then sending them off on rather different routes to a point slightly West of the big sala behind the CP factory. There were mild complaints from the short runners that their 4k excursion was a bit too short, but surprisingly little complaint from the long run pack who climbed the hill from the western side in a downpour then followed the ridge and reached the top of the hill just as the sun was going down. They then miraculously made it down the steep side of the hill in the gloom without misadventure before reaching the beer truck and thus completing the full 8k in the dark. The on on was at Buk Toy's place where we will be entertained for the HH3 new year party in a couple of months.

Which brings us round to thinking about what we are going to do for the SH3 1900th run in a little under 4 week's time. There were questions asked at HH3 about what is happening as there is a chance that some of our regular vernacular contingent (i.e the Sex Sprinter-Super pig clan) may be otherwise engaged, although they have said that they will postpone their plans if  we do go ahead with some kind of celebration of the 1900th run. The problem is, however, that given our recent farang turnout particularly at last weekend's birthday party, there must be some doubt as to whether a party is really viable.

So following discussions with the GM on Saturday, this is a request to all readers of this blog and also the facebook messenger page to indicate whether they are up for a party on 25th November or not. You can reply either by a comment to this post or just by a message on the blog. Once we have an idea of numbers then we can think about what is feasible, bearing in mind that we are not short of funds and some kind of overnight event is not out of the question.

Over to you, guys.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

HH3 today

This afternoon's HH3 run is an A-B run and the B site is at Goldstar, Buk Toy's yard on the Old Hatyai Road. From Songkhla go about 12k to the Ko Mi traffic lights and do a U turn. Come back 500m and Goldstar is on the left. Transport to the A site will be provided so don't be late!

Friday, October 27, 2017

This week's run is being set by Ru Man Kap, alias Robocop, who it has to be said has set some pretty good runs recently at HH3 . His chosen (as in he was told to set there!) venue is the hill formerly known as the virgin with three tits, though the old dear has sadly lost most of her middle mammary at the hands of the diggers.
Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1896, Saturday, October 28, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hare: Ruu Man Kap
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 16k and turn right before Wat Khun Thong for 1k then turn right into the track leading to the quarry for about 300m or as far as you can get without bogging down and walk to the run site which is at 7.042492°N 100.646125° E. From Hatyai, get to the big tree by going East (yes, Stick Insect, EAST!) from the Tha Kham crossroads for about 6k then go straight ahead past the big tree in the direction of Khun Thong for a further 2.5k and turn left into the quarry track.

No news of the HH3 run as yet so those details will follow here when posted.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The wrong side of the road

If you're going to set a run on the new Yala road then  geography suggests that the Eastern side is  favorite. But faced with the steps behind the Chinese temple followed by a brambly climb up the hill, the hare opted instead to visit the western side of the road, not for the first time this year. The result was a flat 7k run (8.2k with all the F's) which managed 6 road crossings whilst  avoiding having to actually run along the hardtop at all if one discounts the proto-highway section after the beer stop. Meanwhile the short run were faced with a less adventurous 3.6k trip around the back of Ban Hoi Kan, followed by the loop to the beer stop, which was cunningly hidden from view to discourage the short cutting tendency. But, despite this special treatment, the, how shall we say, non-male section decided that this was not enough and created a medium run of more than 5k by taking the long run trail out, then heading back to the runsite along the short run detour in the reverse direction, arriving back just in time to obviate the need for the hare to go and look for them.

With a number of people away, the party that followed was short-lived and somewhat over catered-for and we'll have to have another go today at HH3 at polishing off the food and the generously donated beer,  which didn't get finished before the restaurant beer kicked in. By the time the band got fully functional, the HH3 contingent had already departed and when the bill was called for at about 9:00 p.m. the beer allowance had scarcely been dented.

Thanks to GM, All Black and Stick Insect for organising the venue, which it has to be said did us proud, and to HH3 and Throbbin' Hood/Just in not yet for the gift of beer. Sadly however it must be noted that we have yet again failed to significantly deplete the Hash's fairly abundant resources and will just have to try harder next month at the 1900th run.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Saturday's birthday run has now been confirmed at Coffee Chill, which for those of you who don't know, is on the New Yala road right opposite the Chinese temple (Kuan Im). There will be long and short runs, followed by the circle outside the restaurant, then we will all move to the top floor of the restaurant where there will be food and beer provided plus a band who can probably be bribed to provide backing for karaoke...or wasn't I meant to say that? All this for a measly 100 Baht for named runners and active new runners registering before the end of the circle, with first timers and anyone joining after the circle (note the subtle underlining!) paying 200 Baht (all kids 50 Baht).

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1895, Saturday October 21st, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Egghead and Harram
Misdirections: From Songkhla take the New Yala Road from the Ko Yo intersection (well, actually, turn left opposite Bangkok Bank before getting to the intersection, just as the traffic is directed into the outside lane by 7-11, then after about 400m at a T junction turn right for 100m, then left onto the new Yala road). Go 5k (or 4.5 k if you have turned before the intersection) and cross the carriage way and park on the new section of road just beyond (south of) the restaurant at 
7.092279°N 100.598784°E.

HH3 on Sunday? Sadly no one seems to have yet recovered sufficiently from last weekend's awesome outstation run to own up to setting it, but no doubt when they do, details will emerge and will be notified through the usual channels on a need-to-know basis!

Stop press:
Thank you to Hatyai Hash for generously (as in they are providing 2 cases of beer) sponsoring a beer stop which will appear as if by magic on both the long and short runs. HH3's runsite on Sunday has also now been announced  From Tha Kham go south for 1k and turn left; or, from Wat Keow Kloy go 1k north and turn right. Follow the road for about 500m to the run site on the right. The hare is Robocop.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another Pichit Run

Mr Garmin recorded 8.4km for the long run, but that included the 3 check-backs and some looong false trails, as SI was quick to point out. And even though we never ventured more than about 60m above the first 360, the lowest point on the run, we nevertheless managed to attain a total ascent of 230m overall. The first 2 check-backs were the highest points on the run, at about 110m ASL. The short run covered 4.0km without all the checkbacks & false trails, but included the hills and the shoe wash. Did anyone try to shortcut through the swamp from the first ‘F’?
I was accused, by my fellow hare no less, of getting soft and setting pussy runs, so while I’m away I’ll have to work on getting some runs ready that will even be suitable for that Weasel Beaver on his next visit.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


SH3 run 1894, Saturday 7th October 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Yardstick and All Black.
Misdirection: From Songkhla, take the Old Hatyai Road for 4.7km past the Ko Yo intersection, turn left and go 10.6km (i.e. 2.8km past Wat Khao Kloi and about 350m before Wat Noen Phichit). Turn left at the hash sign and staying right go 3.1km to the runsite (700m beyond the end of the bitumen). From Hatyai get to the top of Poonakan Rd.and head for Noen Pichet then follow the directions above.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The GM's of course.....

For All Black’s 30th birthday on the 30th September we thought of setting a 30km run, but due to the limited space on the hill we decide to set an easy 3km run instead, to take pity on what we knew would be a severely hung over birthday girl.
What the hell we thought, we’re not a sensitive caring hash, and after all she is our whip carrying GM, so it was a 4.8km short run and a 7.2km long run that we ended up with. The short run had a total ascent of 172m and an overall descent of 264m; while the long run had 262m of ascent and 368m descent.
Thanks to our HH3 friends we had a reasonable turnout for the run, although due to the rather late return to the runsite, the HH3 contingent had to leave before the circle. Most of the remaining runners adjourned to Tung Jaeng soon after the circle to continue festivities; eating and drinking (Brandy) compliments of All Black and a case of big Leo’s compliments of Egghead. But it was left up to the birthday lady to continue celebrations in town late into the night, and another hangover? for the Sunday run.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Who's 30th birthday is it then?

Yes, this Saturday is the 30th September, which means that it's All Black 's birthday when our very own GM will be turning 30 and so would like to invite everyone to join her after the run at the Tung Jaeng restaurant where she will provide the food (or most of it) if we provide the beer. To enable her to cater for us, could those who think they will be able to make it please respond to this post either by adding a comment here on the blog or posting on the SH3 facebook messenger page, or, if both of those are beyond your technical capabilities, by e mail.

The run itself will be at the other end of the new Yala road outside Prem's place and will be an A-B run so everyone needs to be at the runsite to get on the transport which will leave at 4:30 p.m.

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers run #1893, Saturday September 30, 2017.
Hares:Little Tool and Yardstick
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the new Yala road for 700m and turn left. Follow the road for about 700m turning right as it reaches the National Library and park considerately outside the Home of Faith.

HH3's run details to follow, but don't forget that there is quiz night at the Office Bar on Friday (29th September) when the SH3 team will be doing their best to maintain the unlikely sequence of victories which seems to stretch back almost to the beginning of time. But you can help put an end to that by putting a team together to challenge the scant intellectual capabilities of the usual participants. The quiz master is big Alex and the quiz normally starts at about 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

There will be an SH3 committee meeting tonight which will happen at the beer garden at the top of Kanjanawanit Road Soi 37. (Opposite to and a little east of Tesco Lotus) commencing about 7:00 p.m. The committee is loosely composed of: All Black (GM) Throbbin'Hood (On Sex), Egghead (Hash Cash), Yardstick (Hare Raiser), R2D2, Beer Butch, Only a Yolk (Hash Haberdasher), Sex Sprinter (Cultural Adviser) Beavershot (Blog Administrator) and Little Tool recently co-opted as Beer Butch's Bitch's Ass. However the attendance of and contributions from other interested hashers will be welcome. The main issues to deal with are the upcoming birthday run and the 1900th run in November as well as the effect of the recent increases in beer prices and also the up-coming GM's birthday run on Saturday.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Where the pussies went

1892: 6.2k or 4.6k by taking the green, short option. Total ascent about 87m

Sunday, September 24, 2017

HH3 today

The HH3 run today is from Sala Hin Kliang: Get to the Tha Kham crossroads either from the old Hatyai road 4.6k turn off or from the Nam Noi traffic lights, and go east for 1.5k then turn right for 500m to the big sala. The hare is Robocop.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Birthday pussy

You wouldn't believe how long it took to find this piece of kitch using the search lines "birthday pussy" "running pussy" and "aging pussy"!
It's that time of year again, when on the loose excuse that several of our pussy runners have birthdays in September, they get together  and set a run for us. This year as the date more or less coincides with Only a Yolk's half century, the run will happen at Egg Towers and there will be an on-on to follow featuring the usual attractions. Palm Job has already pledged a case of Leo and further additions to the collective ice box are welcome, although the beer truck will be on hand to dispense SH3 beer at the usual price until the close of the circle - possibly for the last time as beer prices have just gone up sufficiently to make an increase likely. There will be food from the Egg-kitchen but as always further contributions would be very welcome and the SH3 BBQ will be on hand if you would like to bring something along to cook on-site. 

Because a number of people have indicated that they may find it difficult to arrive by 4:30 the run will start at 5:00 p.m.and bearing in mind that this will be an A-B run, that will be the time that the transport to the A site leaves the B site (Egg Towers). Therefore, even though the run will not be excessively long or difficult, it is suggested that for anyone intending to run (long or short) it would be advisable to carry a hand light, just in case, although the run will be swept and there will be a bail-out point about 2/3rds of the way through  just in case anyone gets too far behind.

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1892, Saturday 23rd September 2017, 5:00 p.m.
Hares: (So far declared) Only a Yolk, Meals on Wheels, Hand Job, All Black (plus some sneaky little bitches to keep them company)
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4k and turn left at the Kuan Hin traffic lights. Go 5.2k and turn right through the temple arch at Wat Borogam and after 150m, bear right before the wat and follow the road keeping the temple wall on your left for 300m, then turn left at the T junction and go about 100m then turn right and park somewhere on the side of the road, Or go another 50m and turn into the gate at Egg Towers and park considerately on the grass avoiding killing any goats, trees or other miscellaneous organisms that may be lurking there. (N.B. don't block the drive as that's how you're going to leave for the run!). Egg Towers is at 7.070403 N 100.596387 E.

HH3's run on Sunday is as yet undeclared so details of that will have to be posted later.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Easy does it.

1891 and the people who did it (below)
What a difference a week makes! An easy flat run which all of the GPS'ed hounds logged at less than 6k and a short run which the only wired runner logged at about 5k although he admits to some excessive checking at 360 4. The front runners made it in about an hour, some of the short runners took rather longer. But from last week's lowest turnout of the year, the attendance figure hit a comfortable 38 with 4 new runners all of whom did the long run and professed to enjoy it. So it's on on this week to the pussy birthday run. Can we break 40? That would be an achievement!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sunny side up!

As foreshadowed in last week's rant about low attendance, no one else has stepped up to set this week's run so Egghead has dipped into the special reserve bin and produced a run to suit all tastes. Details are: 

Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1891, Saturday September 16th, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Egghead etc.
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala road for 11.8k and turn right (about 1k past the Ang Thong intersection) on the road heading for Wat Kao Lam. Follow the road across two crossroads for about 3.2k to the run site by the lake on the left at N7 03.032 E100 37.321. From Hatyai get to Tha Kham and head East toward Ban Sai Kao for about 5k, then turn left into the Kao Long turning and follow the road for about 600m, Bear right (away from Kao Long) through the village and follow the road for a further 900m to the run site on the right.

Sunday's HH3 run site is the football field in Poonakan, 4.5k down from Wat Keow Kloy on the left. The hares are Sex Printer Toy Boy and Sex Blackman. Map below.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The magnificent eighteen

Their names shall be carved on golden tablets at the great on on in the sky

Sunday, September 10, 2017

1890: Nice run in Sai Kao; not many people did it.

The conjunction of our three leading hares setting new personal records together was apparently not sufficiently earth-shattering to prevent most people finding better things to do yesterday afternoon, as attendance slumped to a new low of 18, including the beer truck driver and 3 dogs. The upshot was that only 4 hounds completed the long run under the watchful guidance of 3 of the hares, while everybody else bar the beer truck driver set out on the short run and one way or another made it to the beer stop (or didn't in Gan Yao's case) and thence home. The long run was about 6k without checks, a little over 7k with them. The most intrepid of the short runners did over 5k, while those who chose to follow Only a Yolk down the road to hitch a lift to the beer stop probably did about 4k.

Seriously though, we can't go on like this! It is not reasonable to expect that hares put in the not inconsiderable effort of setting runs of this quality (if I may be so bold to say so myself) if others then don't see fit to at least turn up and run them. We have a looming hare gap next weekend as no one has volunteered, and almost inevitably, barring a sudden outbreak of social mindedness, that will once again be filled by one or more of the Egg clan, which will make 3 runs in a row with that to follow on the 23rd likely to involve some Egginess as well if the putative Pussy run actually gets organized.

Unfortunately the recent experiments with one run for everybody do not seem to have found favor with our Thai runners who have largely stopped supporting us, and we also seem to have scared away some of our short runners as well, who find the extra challenge which recent runs have presented a bit too much - as witnessed by the fact that all but 3 opted for the ride to the beer stop rather than embarking on the second half of the run or even getting to the half way point at all!

I'm not sure where we go from here, but if it isn't up then the abyss beckons.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lucky's lament

Woof, woof, woof....It's a dog's life! Twice this week already, I've been woken from my aging slumbers and chained into the back of this bloody pick-up then dragged round some God-forsaken jungle by that cat-loving old geezer. And I wouldn't mind but if he'd have paid attention to where Hippo and I went on the first morning the second trip wouldn't have been necessary; but no, he has to go off and search by himself just because there's a few bushes in the way instead of cutting them down the first time! Men! I'll be glad when this 100 lay thing is over and then maybe he'll leave me in peace! Anyway, I suppose you all want to know where he'll be taking me on Saturday and where you'll be running later, so...woof woof woof!
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1890, Saturday, 9th September, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Egghead, Only a Yolk, Harram and Ma Mick
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection take the old Yala Road for 16k and turn right just before Wat Khun Thong for 3.5k, then turn left just after the big tree at Ban Sai Kao  and go 150m. Bear right with the road and follow  signs for 700m to a T junction. Turn right and follow the concrete road for 200m, then take the (3rd) turning on the right (also concrete) and follow it for about 1k to the runsite at N7 01.485 E100 37.169. If coming from Hatyai get to Tha Kham and head east for 5k then turn right before the big tree.
Sunday's HH3 run is being set by Sex Sprinter and Sex Blackman and the location is as shown below
From the Ko Yo intersection take the new Hatyai road for about 8.5k and turn left before the True Moves tower. or go down the hill and turn after it for about 200m, then turn left and follow the track for about 400m to the run site.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


As the skies darkened over Songkhla last night, the hare took a brave decision to re-lay yesterday's Full Moon H3 run at the last minute to make sure that those who turned out got  what they came along for. With the storm at its height the pack, all seven of them, assembled at the runsite and were told about the change of plan with the new run being an A to B. Only 6 people managed to make it to the first F, Four-wheel having misunderstood the directions and gone home. But at the F there was the first installment of 'what they had come for', i.e. beer. and having just done the only running of the evening they were likely to do, from their cars to Coffee Chill, they were ready for some refreshment. Then after a brief stop to allow the rain to slacken off from suicidal to mildly dangerous they set off down the road, taking in the second F at Songklha Hospital and the run's only check at the entrance to Benjaporn, before arriving at the B site, handily placed in the hare's dining room. By this time, the pack, which at one stage had looked as if it might lurch from 6 to 8, shrank to 5 as the Egg women departed for home leaving the rest of the runners to tackle the food and the beer, which they didn't quite polish off so it (the beer at least) will be held on ice for a suitable occasion on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Throbbin' Moon

Tonight's  full moon run is being set by SH3's very own Throbbin' Hood.
The details are:
Hatyai Full Moon Hash House Harriers' run #139, Tuesday September 5th, 2017: 7:00 p.m.
Hare: Throbbin' Hood
Misdirections: From Songkhla take the New Yala Road from the Ko Yo intersection (well, actually, turn left opposite Bangkok Bank before getting to the intersection, just as the traffic is directed into the outside lane by 7-11, then after about 400m at a T junction turn right for 100m, then left onto the new Yala road). Go 4.7k (or 4.2 k if you have turned before the intersection) and turn right. The run site is in the rubber on the left after 100m. (N 7.095953 E 100.596035)
From Hatyai, take the old Songkhla road and at the Kuan Hin traffic lights turn right. Go 3.2k (about 600m past Wat Hoi Khan) and turn left, then drive through the village for about 1k and turn right at the T junction then head towards the NYR for 600m. The run site is on the right.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Today's HH3 run

Today's HH3 runsite is somewhere on the road behind Nam Noi School. As far as is known the best way to reach it (from Songkhla) is to go to the Nam Noi traffic lights and do a U turn then come back about 370 meters and turn left up the track just before Nam Noi School. Then just drive along the track until you see signs of a runsite The hare is Robocop... Just sayin'.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The eight-fold way

Here is today's track which seemed to fool most people even if they sensed that they were going back where they had already been, Highlight of the day was undoubtedly Harram sensing the call of duty, and abandoning co-hare Egghead, as he manipulated the paper to ensure that the erstwhile short runners did not over exert themselves, and sweeping the long runners round the top half of the figure eight.
The whole run including all the Fs and the one X was 8.6k, reducing to 7.3k without them. Without the top loop the (short) run reduced to about 4.8k but with the 3 F's on the bottom loop and the end of the smaller loop leading to the second F lopped off, it reduced to about 4k. The much reduced short run made the beer stop in about 40 minutes, then needed guidance to get home, with both All Black and McMucky getting comprehensively lost. The long run were at the beer stop in about an hour 10. Then it all fell apart with Little Woody being the first back at the run site and Jesus Nut arriving not far behind.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just for you!

This week sees Egghead's second attempt at setting a one-run-fits-all run having weakened at the beer stop last time round and let the less ambitious take a short cut. So how can he set a 7k run for the long runners that will only have the short runners doing 4k or so? Come along and find out on Saturday!

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1889, Saturday, September 2nd 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hares: Egghead and that sneaky little bitch.
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4k and turn left at the Kuan Hin traffic lights then go 5.2k and turn left opposite the temple arch at Borogam then go 500m to the run site opposite the big sala at N7.074584 E100.606303. If you are coming from Hatyai, the Kuan Hin Traffic lights are about 6.4k beyond the Nam Noi traffic lights and the turning is right. (For anyone who doesn't know how to get to the run site from Songkhla without going  through the Ko Yo intersection, add a comment below and I will put those directions up as well!)

Hatyai H3's run on Sunday is in the capable hands of Sex Printer and the rather less reliable hands of Robocop, but details are not currently being released. No doubt they will be as soon as this post hits the blog and they will therefore be added later!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Here is the track for yesterday's HH3 run, For the benefit of the directionally challenged, the two roads in the area are also marked. SH3's (well, Egghead's) habitual runsite on the chicken farm road (rightmost) is at the point where the road crosses the long run (green) at 360 6,  the runsite which Shortscrew used for both SH3 and HH3 on the road going up the hill, is at the point where the long and short (blue) runs divided and the stool-chucking runsite is just below where the short run leaves that road. The runs were 6.5 and 4.5k without the F's and X's, 8.2 and 5.3 with them. This probably accounted for why it took the long run about 1hr 15mins to get to the beer stop where they lingered for about 20 minutes. The short run reached it in 45 minutes and moved on quickly, apart from Sex Teacher,who had already done the 10k in Songkhla that morning (along with Geng Curry, who is off the beer and had no reason to hang around) so was feeling the strain, which only 2 beers could relieve. The long run, had they ascended all the upward F's and X's would have taken in a total ascent of around 260m while the short run ascended 100m from the runsite to the 3rd check so must have done a bit more than that altogether. Luk Long lived up to his name and was the only person to become mislaid. In fairness that was because none of the other long runners had been considerate enough to break the 6th 360. Luk Long reached it but then for some reason decided to return to the previous check and was in the process of crossing into the next valley when rescued by the hare and had to be forced to accept a ride back to the beer stop from where he again lost the plot and ended up coming in to the run site from the wrong side. It's in the genes I tell you!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

In the footsteps of Robocop

You ran clockwise from lower right, about 7.5km long with just 150m of ascent.The prize-winning false trail is at the upper right. The short-run shortcut cut right across the middle
Only a couple notable features on this one. Palm Job won the special prize for being first to the one and only false trail (vs. 11 360s). This earned him a liter can of Hefe-Weisse from Bavaria which he apparently didn't like because it wasn't as strong as Leo. What's wrong with these Germans anway?

And we lost Little Tool, though only temporarily. He claims the paper crossed itself. Er, what? Jesus Nut mounted a search and rescue mission, maybe because there was a big bowl of good vegetarian curry locked inside of LT's car.

And yes, I did steal bits of it from Robocop's run last Sunday, but only because I'd decided to run here before he laid his run. So really he stole it from me, just a week earlier in the time-space continuum.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Is this what Beaver has in mind?

Ok, so we're missing a tree or two but with Beaver's sudden and potentially destabilizing interest in academic research, he may just be about to conduct some ghastly experiment on us involving behaving like hamsters. Are we worried? Not so long as he can build a beer dispenser into the equipment!
Anyway, he is this week's SH3 hare and the run details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1888 Saturday, August 26, 2017, 4:30 p.m.
Hare Beavershot
Misdirections: From The Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for 10.9k then turn right (just before Wat Nern Pijit). Go 200m and bear right over a culvert then go another 500m and turn right to the run site in 200m. GPS:  6°59'53.57"N 100°34'34.19"E

Sunday's HH3 run is a Kai Jeow affair and providing tomorrow morning's recce doesn't reveal any last minute development work, the run site will be on the football pitch behind Ban Sai Kao (From the 'big tree' at Sai Kao, turn left (if coming from the old Yala road), or right (if coming from Tha Kham) and go 150m then go straight ahead as the road bears right. Follow the road through the village for about 1km and park considerately around the edge of the football pitch (in case the local lads have some footie organized for later.) GPS: N7 02.000 E100 37.495

Finally, tomorrow night the much reduced Hash team will be bravely trying to maintain their recent run of successes, at this month's quiz night at the Office Bar (Friday 25 August 2017, 8:00 p.m.. Do come along and help or hinder them in their endeavors if you can possibly manage it as a number of regulars apparently can't so the team can do with all the support it can get!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Beaver tree-felling: The true story

Now I enjoy a good beaver mishap photo or video as much as the next man, especially if he's Canadian. But The Online Scum's fact-checking department takes a more serious view.

What their research turned up was a remarkable academic paper entitled "Directional Tree Felling by Beavers (Castor canadensis)". You probably don't believe that, so here's a link.

Therefore, sadly, it appears that Mr. Yao's photo is Fake News. Beavers rule!
See?! Never underestimate a beaver!