Monday, August 28, 2017

Here is the track for yesterday's HH3 run, For the benefit of the directionally challenged, the two roads in the area are also marked. SH3's (well, Egghead's) habitual runsite on the chicken farm road (rightmost) is at the point where the road crosses the long run (green) at 360 6,  the runsite which Shortscrew used for both SH3 and HH3 on the road going up the hill, is at the point where the long and short (blue) runs divided and the stool-chucking runsite is just below where the short run leaves that road. The runs were 6.5 and 4.5k without the F's and X's, 8.2 and 5.3 with them. This probably accounted for why it took the long run about 1hr 15mins to get to the beer stop where they lingered for about 20 minutes. The short run reached it in 45 minutes and moved on quickly, apart from Sex Teacher,who had already done the 10k in Songkhla that morning (along with Geng Curry, who is off the beer and had no reason to hang around) so was feeling the strain, which only 2 beers could relieve. The long run, had they ascended all the upward F's and X's would have taken in a total ascent of around 260m while the short run ascended 100m from the runsite to the 3rd check so must have done a bit more than that altogether. Luk Long lived up to his name and was the only person to become mislaid. In fairness that was because none of the other long runners had been considerate enough to break the 6th 360. Luk Long reached it but then for some reason decided to return to the previous check and was in the process of crossing into the next valley when rescued by the hare and had to be forced to accept a ride back to the beer stop from where he again lost the plot and ended up coming in to the run site from the wrong side. It's in the genes I tell you!

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