Sunday, August 6, 2017

!885 and Full Moon 138

Here are yesterday's 2 runs. SH3's 1885 long run (light blue) was the longest at 6.8k with all the F's and the one X included, but without those was about 5.2k. There was a shorter option (dark blue) from the beer stop for which all the usual suspects opted, and which cut out about 600 meters, but more to the point avoided 2 checks, 3 F's and the X so that everybody came in at about the same time and All Black managed to lead the pack home for the first time.
The full moon run which followed had definite long (green: 4.9k) and short (yellow: 3.5k options) with only Geng Curry and Luk Long going for the short run and Sex Teacher, after her triumph at the SH3 run, doing the whole long run.
The party which followed was notable for manifestly failing to drink all the beer, so another attempt will have to be made on that this afternoon! This may have been a result of the absence of some of our more alcoholically inclined runners who shall remain nameless... nah, ok, Yardo, Beaver, Little Tool and Conebrain) but also probably had a lot to do with Temporary Relief's brave efforts to convert everybody to a more spiritual approach to alcoholic consumption, and the big clear up this morning located several empty bottles which would suggest that her efforts to clear out the drinks cabinet are bearing some fruit.
Thanks to everybody who came, ran and contributed food and booze and just made the whole thing another awesome evening. So now it's on on to where was that runsite...?


  1. I reassemble that remark!

    (just back from Phnom Penh H3 where the run fee includes nonstop beer)

  2. Pull yourself together again man!