Saturday, July 15, 2017

1882: Hmmm.....

As the GPS file will confirm, the long run with all the F's and X's was 6.7k, and without them it was a mere 5.5k, and anyone who had had a mind to, could have short cut the ass out of the run simply by following the well-worn trails around the top of the valley, which we have all run a hundred times. But sadly with a pack of only 7 people there were simply not enough people to check, with the result that the run took 2 hours to complete by a pack who made their views plain by refusing to so much as talk to the hare afterwards. Such is life.

The short run in contrast came back happy which is surprising as the live hared run was 4.4k and had a total ascent of 127m which is unusual for a short run. Ok, it didn't even come close to the long run's 400m nor did it's high point of 125m rival the long run's 288m; but still...

But the comments that were made today were correct, if we have to plan runs for small packs then checks have to be quite easy and we probably need to stick to trails. But what happens if we suddenly have a larger pack as could have happened today?

'Nuff said.


  1. Well I was enjoying it till I pulled a hamstring. And I can't blame that on the hare because it was on the one really nice piece of running we had, that long gentle downhill trail about 2/3 of the way through. But yes, as I found out on my last run, even "easy" checks (from 40m to 80m long) can be a challenge for a really small pack, especially the clever ones that go in unexpected directions. So we do need to adapt our haring style. And stick to trails.

  2. Good to see the idea of change even mentioned! Agree that something has to change, but the idea of making the checks easier is a little surprising. That will make the runs even faster, this won't encourage more people to try the long run. I gave up a long time ago as I just can't keep up. This and the (sometimes) lack of calling, for example at the first false trail on Saturday really makes the long run daunting for some people. Remember the laughter and fun at the circles a few years ago? We were a wild fun loving hash. That has just gone, its got very serious, this may be a function of age (or possible death in the case of some of our members, I suggest taking their pulse periodically) but I see the toughness of the long run and the decline in humour of our circles over the years as a major contribution to the decline of the hash.

  3. I should explain my use of the word 'toughness' in describing the long run in my previous post. Its got to a stage where there are just a very small group of very fit runners, they tend to run in a group. Anyone who is not very fit cannot keep up and the run just becomes a drag, a slog with really no chance of catching the pack. Shortening the checks will only exacerbate this.

  4. Well maybe it is time that we do just one run for everyone. Any thoughts?

  5. Many thx to the hare for his efforts (even if some runners only spoke to him in four letter words after the run). And yes, all In-u-endo's aside, I'm inclined to agree that checks are needed but, if possible, with a focus on more...benevolent running tracks.

    1. Can certainly agree with casting all innuendos aside!

    2. I guess you see that as a positive contribution to the discussion.

  6. Both runs on the weekend were excellent, but due to the small number of runners on Saturday, a couple of the checks took an inordinate time to break. Sweeping the run is probably the easiest solution, but with only one hare that gets a bit tricky if you only have one day to set both runs. I agree with Gan Yao, making the Fs & 360s easier is not going to help, if anything they need to slow down the front runners even more. For now, until we are guaranteed bigger packs, maybe we need to revert to runs of 20 years ago, when all the runs were regularly LESS than one hour. with the shorter runs and plenty of Fs, 360s & checkbacks, even walkers more or less keep up with the front runners. I think Stick Insect can confirm this. So what about just one run, and see how this works out?

  7. Yardo's right. Years ago (spoiler : Old fart content.) the runs were 45 minutes plus or minus 15. Hares got iced water for over length runs. The packs were bigger so the checks got broken fairly quickly.
    Over time we have selected for the runners (fanatics??) who actually like the longer runs, myself included. The one suggestion that I think we really should follow is that we should stick to clear trails. If there is no trail for say 50 metres or so DON'T GO THERE. Likewise the paper after a check should start on a trail.
    Rock On-on!

  8. Just a few thoughts: Change can be a scary thing: It may not work! We may not like it! It might hurt! However, anything that we try is not set in stone, it can always be reversed. Perhaps this is an opportunity to make hashing in this area something very special. What I mean by that is that we have two hashes in the region, Hat Yai and Songkhla. Their format is identical, not surprising, as one grew from the other, but perhaps we are wasting an opportunity. By slightly changing the format of one we can improve the whole. i.e. offer a wider experience. If people don’t like one, they can try the other.

    This would be my suggestion,
    (1) The Run

    If it is to be just one run as suggested, then the length has to be reduced, otherwise we will lose the short runners. What length are we aiming at? I would say an hour to an hour 15 for most people to be back?

    If we have just one run, it could turn into a drag for the slow runners, the usual 5 fast runners will break all the checks and the slower pack will be left to trail along behind. Not good as a well know president might tweet. One of the main parts of the hash is checking, so everyone needs the chance to get involved. Could we stagger the start? Short runners/walkers start 5 or 10 minutes before the rest, this gives them a chance to break a couple of checks and may actually tempt some people to break in to a slow walk to try and keep in front of the long runners. It actually means that everyone will see everyone else on the run, as it is now, our hash can be a lonely experience.

    These are just ideas, we do need to try something, we tried using the GPS when we didn’t have a hare, that was good, we tried leaving beer under every 5th rubber tree, that was great! Let’s not be afraid to try something else.

    (2) The Circle

    This isn’t a criticism, but we have a rigid structure for the circle and don’t seem to welcome any change. A new GM should be encouraged to put their own stamp on the circle, not follow what the previous GMs have done. One way of livening up the circle and taking some of the burden from the GM is for the GM to appoint a Bomoh or mystery whip for the next week. That person has a week to think of, devise, make up a couple of charges for the next weeks circle.

    Ice water – Songkhla used to be known for throwing ice water over sinners. This was stopped as we thought it may have put some new runners off. But, this shouldn’t mean it’s off the cards for all time! It was fun, and I suspect it was the main reason some people showed up. I would suggest use it sparingly, not on people who you know hate it. To those who hate it, well sometimes it will still happen, bring a spare shirt!

    On On

  9. I don't know who the hare is on Saturday, but I am the week after and I'll try some of these ideas. Somewhat crippled at the moment so that's one more reason for a shorter run!

  10. Some good ideas being put forward eg staggered runs and yes a compromise of long and short into 1 medium. Certainly worth a try.

  11. As the errant hare who seems to have started this, er, hare running (no pun intended) Perhaps I could have the last word - probably not. But I am going to call to my aid none other than the Library of Congress and dear old Aesop to back me up:
    Read it and weep!

  12. I dont think the idea is to ask anyone to cut their tail off Mick, more like try and run with it pinned up just to see what it's like! If it doesnt work you can run the week after with your tail flowing in the wind again no harm done!!

    I think a more relevant tale (a story, not a fable but one based in fact) is the rhino's in Africa, where the wardens cut off their horns to stop them being poached, and to ensure their survival!

    I do think we are rushing this experiment and it should have been discussed but its no big deal, I'm sure tomorrow will be fun, but thats up to us to make it so! Now, I must go (and look for my tail!!) On On Gan Yao

  13. I think this now officially becomes the longest comment thread on this site. Which is good, because we're talking about some basic and maybe necessary changes to the hash. But as I always keep saying, if there's enough beer, everything else should work out.