Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happier trails

Here is Sunday's HH3 A to B run which was generally praised despite being over 8k without the F's and X's of which there were several and where the also several 360's didn't cause any problems. Set by a cast of 1000's,(6 pussies and 7 dogs which didn't include any of the Egg mutts) the run started with  an attempt on the world record for packing people into the back of pick ups as the whole hash was squeezed into two trucks for the first leg to the beginning of the long run. The first half of the run was a fairly flat and quite gentle 3.7k to the beer stop sponsored by Scud, with everyone bar Nosin, who had found alternative transport back to the rusite, embarking on and completing the longer second half /short run over the hill taking in the high point of 145m in the process before taking a slightly different route home than usual from that point. No complaints other than that we all had to get our feet wet, apparently because Moo Sahb had to take a phone call at the strategic moment when the run should have lurched into the top end of the quarry, instead blundering onto the wrong side of the river which now protects the run site from dry access. But by that point  most people were just happy to get home in good time.

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