Monday, July 24, 2017

Birthday Run

No-one requested it but I thought I'd post it anyway. Quick facts are:  long run 6.5km including the 8 "Fs", one check-back, so about 5.5km without, and 254m up; medium (aka short) run 4.2km & 190m up; really short run 2.7km & 124m up. Make up your own comments.


  1. Hats on for Yardo.

    Run 1883 was Yardstick’s birthday run and was designated a silly hat run by the GM, good idea, why not?

    About half way round my run (as opposed to half way round the hare's run, they differ slightly in length) I found myself on a small track by a stream, really beautiful and none of that damn paper that coincidentally seems to litter so many of our runs. I came across an old friend, you probably know him? That little guy in the patched tan trousers, ancient checked shirt and floppy hat, pushing a bike with a long bladed knife strapped to the cross bar. He must cycle miles, cause we see him all over the region most weeks! He seemed really pleased to see me, a wide smile advertising the gaps in his teeth. He asked what I was doing. He seemed to find my reply hilarious and I thought he maybe had a sight problem as his gaze was fixed somewhere over my head. Where was I from? Oh there! Did I like football? What team? He kept smiling and almost breaking into laughter and I feared that he was descending into senility to join me. As a trained athlete I have deadlines to meet and so I bade him farewell and as he pushed his bike along the track I could hear him laughing to himself. Just around the corner I realised that all the time I was still wearing my silly hat, the one with the pink pussycat strapped to the top. Am I not just another great farang ambassador?

  2. GY, as you know, it never hurts to amuse a man with a machete.

    I had some vivid memories of Yardo's run I wanted to share but I'm afraid they were completely over-written by the hellish ascent and worse descent on Sunday's supposedly short run. It was a good weekend.