Monday, August 26, 2013

What we do best.

1680: 7.5k, maximum height 168m. Great run as everyone who did it agreed. 'Nuff said. Short run? The GPS reveals that there was a pretty good run in there but somewhere along the line the hares lost their nerve, cut out the hill and about 2k of gorgeous running to end up with a miserly 1.9k which never got much above 100m. But it didn't matter, the walking wounded sniffed out the lost bits of the track, did them backwards for the most part and then added another 2 or 3k on for good luck, so it was ok in the end.
Sunday's HH3 run by contrast was a little under 4.4k and although it got up to about 295m, there was a hare-directed medium run which cut the top 30 meters or so off. Great circle and party followed which ended sometime after the beer ran out.

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