Saturday, August 24, 2013

Notes from the Shadow On Sec

First of all, thanks to hares Perky and Innuendo, who set an excellent and unexpectedly ambitious run today. We reckon that most of us ran about 9km, mostly at a pretty exhausting pace too, though we can't blame the hares for that. I'm prejudiced, because this happens to be just about my favorite area in all Songkhla/Hatyai, but they used it well. Better yet, Short Screw didn't come in first for a change, not that we keep track or anything.

Anyhow I'm not sure if I'm still On Sec, but after watching the recent antics of the British government, I've decided to appoint myself as Shadow On Sec in any case to discuss two important points that came up after today's run.

Of Ice and Men

Just when we'd decided to ease off on the water throwing, it came back in force today. Perky and Mucky Pup in particular seemed seriously unimpressed, especially since they'd both expressed their dislike of the whole icing thing. Yes, I know, the kids like throwing water and anybody who can't take a joke etc. etc. but the simple fact is that we've lost runners because of this, and at this point we really can't afford to lose any more.

Stick Insect had a good suggestion: limit the water throwing to serious  sinners who we know won't mind too much. God knows, I've come to dislike it myself, but if you've really got the goods on me, then yes, fair enough. But for new runners, returnees, shirt recipients, hares (well, most hares), and anyone else who objects to it, we really ought to stop this, and I mean as of next week. And I think the GM feels even more strongly about this than I do.

Mid-week hijinks

On a more positive note, Gan Yao asked why not organize some kind of SH3/HH3 social event once a month, two weeks opposite the Full Moon Run. We pointed out that we already have been doing a nice little dining/drinking evening on random Thursdays, alternating between Songkhla and Hatyai. But yes, how about trying to formalize it to once a month,  two weeks after FMH3? For once, I'd really appreciate a comment or two here . . . please?


  1. The beer truck's the finish line, innit? :o

  2. Speaking of the beer truck, stay tuned for The Online Scum's exclusive exposé on who buys beer and who doesn't . . . "For Whom the Beer Tolls"!