Sunday, August 11, 2013

1678: Losing Festering Willy

Ok, so it doesn't quite have the Disneyesque ring of Finding Nemo, but there was definitely something epic about yesterday's Perky/Egghead run with a hint of farce to top off the evening which ended shortly before 9:00 p.m when the final search party made its way back to the runsite and the last of the beer was drunk.
It had all begun so promisingly with small but meaningful packs heading off onto both the short and long runs the latter swept by both hares, so nobody should have been left behind. But as Perky brought home Safe Sex whose brief encounter the previous week with a snake had left her with a stitched up foot, it became apparent that Festering Willy who had last been seen by Only a Yolk as she embarked on a short cut at the 4th 360 (the same one that had earlier been pioneered by Sex Sprinter, Yardstick and Short Screw!) had wandered off the trail.
Given that at the point he was last seen, the nearest road was on the Nern Pichet side of the hill, search parties were despatched up the hill and also by truck to try to locate what was reported to be a dehydrated, exhausted and disoriented runner who had earlier been heard to complain that he couldn't feel his legs. In fact in all probability, FW had come within a few hundred meters of the runsite but had then lost the trail somewhere around the final 360, hitting Poonakan beyond the runsite and turning left instead of right.
From there he had eventually made his way to Prince of Songkhla University, about 5k distant, which must have been an interesting experience given that this is Mor Or Fair week and the place must have been heaving with people. Anyway, all's well that ends well, and Dad, Spotted Dick was eventually able to confirm that FW had managed to explain his predicament to some saintly person and was being ferried back to Songkhla.
For the record, the long run was 5.7k, maximum elevation 204m, total ascent 322m and the first runners arrived in 1hr 6mins. The short run was 2.7k and got up to 147m. An attempt at a circle was made at the conclusion of the evening at which T shirts were given to Spotted Dick (300 runs), Peppered Pussy (550 runs) and Perky, Hip Hop and Rock and Roll (50 runs). In the general air of relief and bonhomie, the sinners were pardonned and the hares didn't get wet as the beer truck had by that time departed.
Next week, Yardstick will be entertaining us somewhere around the big tree at Sai Kao, Beavershot should rejoin the fold and the cube may get an airing as the GM will be convalescing. Can someone else update the blog please?

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