Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Big Wet

Well, that was different. Nonstop serious rain from the moment the run started till just about the time the last runners got in . . . but who would have guessed that the last runners would be Sex Sprinter, Bak Toy, Palm Job, and Tsunami? These fine fellows were the only ones willing to try to track down the elusive paper squares your hare inadvisedly chose to use today. It took them a couple hours, right till the very edge of total darkness, despite which they pronounced the run "Sanuk maak". Everyone else did the short run or some variation on it, and even that wasn't easy. Most of the trails were rivers and most of the paper had long since disappeared downstream.
Redacted GPS track of the run.
We present no technical details of the run, as the hare was basically told, "Not good enough, do it again." So next week he will, from the same site but using better paper. Maybe I shouldn't but I take this as a compliment -- I mean, if it were really that bad, would you ask me to do it again? Or are you just really hard up for hares? Anyhow, on-on, 4:30 pm., Saturday, 7 September!

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