Sunday, August 18, 2013

Editorial: Another outrage of justice

As far as The Online Scum is concerned, there was only blemish upon yesterday’s otherwise superb run by Yardstick and Short Screw: the brutal and unjustified icing of a respected senior hasher who also happens to be the publisher of this organ.

 The incident had its roots in this story, in which a Scum correspondent reported finding Egghead “lurking in front of a seedy Hatyai massage parlor” the day before, i.e. December 22, 2011. It was accompanied by this photo and caption:

A re-creation of the shocking scene witnessed by a TOS reporter in downtown Hatyai yesterday afternoon.

Note that there was no reference to the Pink Lady. Indeed, a map included with the story showed that said massage parlor was clearly located on Thanon Thamnunwitthi in downtown Hatyai. The photo was clearly labeled as a “re-creation”, a common and accepted technique used by many respectable news media.

 Egghead’s reaction at the time was curious. On the one hand he claimed that Rotary Wanker (whom he described as “a man of impeccable character”) would provide an alibi for him, if not for the 22nd itself then for “at least a couple days later”. On the other, he tacitly admitted that he had been loitering outside said massage parlor (“waiting for … the transubstantiation of Peppered Pussy into the Virgin bleedin’ Mary”), and himself provided photographic evidence of the result of that "wait".

Then yesterday Rotary Wanker himself appeared at the hash and, far from providing an alibi, reported that he had seen Egghead at Christin, the notorious knocking shop massage parlor in Phuket. 

We can thus only conclude that sometime within a day or two of his adventures in Hatyai, Egghead drove the almost 500km to Phuket and carried on his cycle of excess at Christin. Perhaps he mistook the name for “Christian” and assumed it was a church? I think not.

So why then the shocking behavior yesterday toward the respected senior etc. by now-GM Egghead and his toady, Short-Time Acting GM Stick Insect? Is this the start of yet another organized assault on truth in the media? Will all our freedoms soon be crushed by these jackbooted thugs?

A recent ad for Christin. Note incontrovertible evidence of Egghead's patronage.

Free Manning! Reprieve Snowden! And refuse to allow the Eggafi clique to muzzle the clarion voice of The Online Scum!

P.S. As for that sneaky little Short Screw who dumped a large bucket of ice water over me, I’ll fix him in good time.   

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