Friday, August 2, 2013

The back passage

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Progress on the up-grading of the main road into Borogam seems to have stalled, so although Egg Towers is still accessible via the normal route (indicated above by a red dashed line: OHR 4k, Left 5.2k, right and follow your nose) it is probably sensible to give the directions for Sunday's HH3 run and to deploy the signage using the back route which is actually shorter and takes in some fine country that we normally end up running!
Directions for those who find the literalistic map above hard to follow: From the Traffic lights at Kuan Hin on the old Hatyai road (4k West of the Ko Yo intersection, 13k East of the Ko Hong intersection) turn left (from Songkhla) or right (from Hatyai) and go 1.5k. Turn right and go 2.5k then turn left at the hash sign and follow the track for 1.5k to the parking area and the run site on the right.


  1. Fun, flat run with an amalgamation of all Thai beers and a cake with a cock, followed by a funky ride home via the hacked-up Egg road in driving, torrential rain. Marvellous! ;-)

  2. Yeah, it's what hashings all about! Still, just be grateful you weren't in the back seat of Yardo's pick up!

  3. Naw, be grateful you weren't blindfolded in the back of Egg's blue monster.

  4. Nah, 'a second class ride is better than a first class walk' is what me pappy always used to say.

    But 'marvellous' being the operative word. The half-cut, flat-out blast in the rain was a highlight of a fun afternoon and is just the type of thing that gets the ole juices flowing for this dodgy Hasher. ;-)