Saturday, August 24, 2013

Enough! The dawning of the age of non-Aquarious.

Thank you Beaver for those few kind words.

Yes, enough is enough. This was voiced informally at the outset of the current GM-ship, and there was a period of acceptable levels of water throwing. But the situation has got out of hand and sadly requires a dictat to restore some kind of normalcy.

Therefore, henceforth, water whilst not totally banned, should only be thrown in recepticles which do not exceed 200ml (see above), i.e. the size of the plastic cups which are provided every week by the beer bitch, and the throwing of water should be restricted to those of female gender and/or those not exceeding the age of 12, i.e. those of whom the older and more responsible among us (who the f*** are they?) feel some degree of ability to control in situations where even this minimum level of aquatic behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

As Beaver also suggests, new runners, returning runners and people receiving T shirts or other long service awards should not have water thrown over them and whilst sinners deseve most of what is coming to them (in units of 200ml), the dousing of hares should be conducted reverently, as a tribute rather than a punishment.

And yes, maybe even icing is something we should think about phasing out. For the time being let us maintain the option so that those who have grown used to the weekly cold bum can continue to indulge in this cruel and unusual punishment. But henceforth, 2 plastic stools (below) will be provided on which the more tender-arsed among us can take their punishment reward if they so choose.

At the end of the day this is supposed to be fun, and although many of us have grown used to being soaked and frozen, our arcane rituals have undoubtedly contributed to our low numbers, and we cannot afford to ignore this fact and risk driving away people who enjoy or would potentialy enjoy all other aspects of what we do.


  1. 'At the end of the day this is supposed to be fun'

    Exactly! But Death of the (SH3) Hash might be more apt.

    I mean, if certain individuals cannot handle a bit of water after a hard slog in the field, well lets not go there... but these people might also think about goading others who don't mind either way.

    On low number count, while the water may be part of of it, I think it is more a case of the experience in itself--i.e. being put 'on the ice'; placed in the middle, so to speak. Clickiness (mind those groups) and taking the whole Hash thing too seriously might also be contributing factors.

    In any case, HH3 seems to be the way forwards. Shame, though, one was really looking forward to a 100th run t-shirt. All the best.


  2. SS, if you make it to your 100th run I'm pretty sure SH3 will too. Remember, just a few years ago it was Hatyai Hash that almost died. We helped them out then and they can help us out now. One way or another we should be able to keep two hashes per weekend going for a while (say till Egg and Stick and I get too decrepit to run -- no nasty comments please). But yeah, let's limit the ice and water to people who don't mind it ... like you!

    1. Whatever man, I'll take some harmless water for the sake of continuity; lets not see the spirit of the Hash be completely quashed by the 'odd' dainty individual.

  3. Getting drenched in ice cold water is not my idea of fun.

    I suggest that those individuals who get their kicks out of inflicting discomfort on other people should seek another outlet for their psychopathic tendencies.

  4. I think this is becoming a "Less said, soonest mended" situation. and I suggest we close this 'thread' before it devolves into a slanging match from which we will find it difficult to recover.