Saturday, December 17, 2016

The nine signs run

...which was what it took to direct people to the run site rather than what was needed to get them round the 7.5/6/5 k (with/without F's) long run and the 3.2k short run. The long run got up to 260 meters for whoever found the 5th F or 250m for lesser mortals. The total ascent was in the region of 300m with the actual climb accounting for two thirds of that. The short run meanwhile reached 100m just before meeting the long run and their total ascent was about the same.
The beer truck tragically failed to appear in time for most of the short runners who must have been motoring...or maybe BTDIII, whose 650th run this was, was otherwise engaged. Meanwhile Stick Insect's undercarriage failed and he was forced back to the run site to join late arriving elements of the short run in time to reach the beer stop which was by then in place The arrival of the depleted long run pack occurred somewhat later by which time BTDIII had resumed his disturbed sleep in the front seat of the Egg-truck.
Back at the run site, dinner was served courtesy of Only a Yolk and Crackwurst just before the rain arrived to render the circle ...wet. But it was successfully completed with the aid of several umbrellas most of which were provided by Chao Ngor. Kan Kai, Hot Buns and Curry in a Hurry were welcomed back and CiaH was given his delayed 5-run shirt; Yardstick got his 550 run shirt and BTDIII woke up for long enough to acknowledge his 650th although not gracing the ice with his bum. The hare was awarded faint praise which was probably just about what the run deserved.
On on to better things and the pussy run on the morrow.


  1. Disagree, headEgg, reckon it was one of the runs of the year and general consensus among the long-runners was that is was a good un. People were probably preoccupied with the rain; in fact, I don't even remember the hare being on the ice, though that could be down to having Chang beer forced down my throat!

  2. Yea, good run EH,I must have tried at least 5 times to find a shorter way back to the runsite. The expected beerstop always deterred me though.