Monday, December 26, 2016

50 Christmas dinners and a run to go.

The scene at the beer stop before the hordes arrived.
The hordes

More hordes
Meanwhile back at the run site, Thani gets into the food early
The Egg Towers fantasy factory yesterday upheld its fine tradition of culinary sentimentality by serving Christmas dinner to the somewhat bemused vernacular contingent at HH3, who had anyway produced their own local feast, but then managed to eat most of the Christmas fare all the same, taking the remains of  the Christmas pud with them when they left. Meanwhile the Farangs tucked into the grub and polished off the vino thoughtfully provided by Inchdick. Sex Teacher and SOTM Wannabee, with the result that the consumption of beer was somewhat lower than usual, and much of the beer disappeared when Sex Printer, Robocop Tsunami et al left sometime after eight, leaving the Farangs and Scud to polish off the slab of Nouveau Leo thoughtfully donated by Star Soccer.

Before all that of course, there had been a run, which chief cook Kai Jeow had somehow found time to set between roasting the chickens and glazing the carrots. The 6,4k long run featured time-saving "checks" to avoid all that messy business of setting F's, and they were successful in keeping the pack together at least until the beer stop. Meanwhile, the short run joined by Lady of the Lamp took a short cut between the 5th check and the beer stop, reducing the run to 5.4k and the front walkers were there marginally before the long amblers as Saturday's rather more demanding run took its toll. From thereon in Sex Teacher took on the role of front runner managing to get home ahead of both LotL and SOTMII, who seemed to be ailing more than most.
Thanks to everybody who contributed to another great Christmas run, particularly to the HH3 chefettes, Sexy, Sex Si and Donkey and to Smoked Ham for the soup and bread. Let's do it again.... next year!


  1. Great day (from what I remember); lucky with the weather and the grub was spot on. Just recovering now - can certainly attest to the old adage beer on wine makes you queer... at least in the non-queer sense.

    Ever so slightly perturbed at being put on ice with Lady though, despite both actually opting for the short run on this occasion. Any short-cutting would have been to try to get one over on competitive walker, Sex Pest, sorry, Teacher, who seemed to have the bit between her teeth and was impossible to keep up with despite carrying an errant pussy.

    On on to the next boozie adventure. Oh gawd!!

  2. Errant Pussy! That's got to be someone's hash name one of these days.