Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pussies on high

So, armed only witb a GPS loaded with some speculative tracks from the Yardo database and presumably a large quantity of fried chicken, six (count them: Budokhan, Moo Sahb, Sexy Cop, Damage, Sexy Chef and Eeyore) hares  set off with hope in their hearts and chicken in their bellies and produced this masterpiece. Yes masterpiece, because allowing for the lack of a short run, forcing the short runners to tackle the whole 7.5k, this was a great run appreciated by all, particularly for the challenging up trail and the down trail that had Inchdick and Knobshot first to the well placed beer stop (sponsored by Sex Printer) and again at the end of the run, closely followed by Four Wheel and Donkey, proving that the short run are actually a fair match for the long run. The top of the hill was about 270m with the total ascent about 350m. FROP was home in about 1 hour 30 minutes with the stragglers from the short run who shall be nameles (ok, All Black and McMucky?) returning on the back of the beer truck in not far off 2 hours 30 mins. A real circle followed resulting in the declarations of two Xmas party runs on Saturday (Hare::Sex Sprinter) in Poonakan Soi 10 and on Christmas Day itself chez ouef (Hares: Egghead and the Borogam junior mafia)
It don't get much better!


  1. Not quite accurate. Inch & Knob were led astray by the F just before the beerstop and were pipped by the usual HH3 FRBs.

  2. Yes, thinking about it in the cold light of day I think it was Robocop and (ahem) Khai Jeow who lead the way to the beer stop. But the honor at the end was all yours! Great run tho'