Monday, December 5, 2016

Gin Lane

An artist's impression of the scene late on Saturday evening at the PMH3 gin-soaked orgy. (with apologies to Mr. Hogarth who probably never ran a hash in his life!)
Report? As in police report? Oh, you mean write up!
Well, we all got there - and that was in doubt as the rain fell on Thursday night and well into Friday morning. But by 6'ish Malaysian time the magnificent thirteen were all at the hotel in Penang and ready to party. Which we did with considerable aplomb until the gin arrived and then for some reason it all went (as can be seen from the picture above) "tits up".
This, by the way, occurred during the run itself, which featured gin and tonic stops, and since we apparently didn't finish off the mother's ruin during the run, we were served pitchers of the stuff at the party which followed, most of which was consumed by our harriettes, with the result that some of them had to be escorted back to the hotel a little earlier than expected.
Those who remained, thereafter became the center of some rather over-enthusiastic male attention, at what was a predominantly batang affair and the departure of the remaining SH3 contingent was accompanied by some testosterone-fired gentlemen who had taken umbrage at the fact that the young ladies who had been the center of all the attention, were actually not completely free of husbands etc. A mild rumpus followed during which Yardo narrowly avoided being mugged and All Black's new shoes 'became missing'.
A shame, because up until then it had been a lot of fun and PMH3 made us very welcome at an excellent event featuring some great food, loads of beer and .... oh yes, gin and tonic.


  1. Sounded fun. Wished I'd have gone now. :)

  2. A slight correction to the "facts", it was discovered they were not completely free of ....each other. Which may have had something to do with the gentlemen, in loose terms, thought they may be able to rectify, err... rehabilitate.