Sunday, July 28, 2013


Damned by faint praise, this afternoons' numberless HH3 run will go down as another ok sort of run with some complaints from the short runners about the heights to which they were obliged to go, and from the long runners (again!) about how following Sex Printer is not neccessarily the right policy. He timed the long run at 1hr. 18min. but was probably about 3 minutes behind the first runners in on both the long and short runs. The long run was 6.1k and went up to 284m; the short run was 3.5k and went up to about 178m although the first half was pretty brutal by all accounts. A great circle followed marred only by the GM's sense of humor failure over the naming of Sex of the Man II/Sexof the Mouse. In any event he deserves two T shirts for having stoically put up with Moo Sahb's increasingly temperamental attitude towards the world in general and co-hares in particular, and set a pretty... ok sort of run (aw c'mon, it was brilliant!)


  1. You are too kind headEgg; it was indeed an average kind of a ball-breaker--stunning views and pleasant top track notwithstanding--which was brought home to me by irate, short-running Hat Yai ladies. Protestations of "but that one was down to him, over there" falling on deaf ears. The next 'lone' SS/SotMII encounter promises to be a beaut', complete with, hopefully, undisturbed Fs/Check-backs (at the hand of overzealous FRBs/pilfering natives, tut-tut!), graceful uppy 'n downy bits, and sublime flats.

    Fine circle as always at HH3 but the best bit for me was the sending of the Lady of the Lamp down that ridiculously long false trail after an equally ridiculous first climb (meant for the super-fast, no-show Hat Yai boys, by the way)... but payback for the dastardly deed inflicted on SS by the Stick at an F not 24 hours before, so it’s all good.

    I can assure you, the GM's balls-up on the presentation of the shirts had the desired effect... kind of a sense of relief followed by a hammering back to earth. On that note, I may commit hari-kari and request a rename (if someone buys me a case of beer), potentially for a more benign nik to ultimately stifle envy (Beavo) and increasingly daft alternatives.

    God, aren't Mondays a bore.

  2. Good solid run, once again marred only by Short Sc-- I mean SotM II. Naming that poor girl 'Little Lady'?! I mean, what kind of hash name is that? Female hashers are supposed to be called things like Ram It In or Flycatcher or Boom Boom Big Tits. That girl will never live it down. I don't know what made him do it unless it was post-traumatic stress disorder after setting a run with Muu Sap.

    1. Yes, sorry 'bout that, though I do seem to recall a certain Sex Focus adding serious decibels to that one... hmmm.

      I wouldn't rule out PTSD... three hours of ear-bashing is enough to make any hardened Hasher go doolally tap, but I think it was more a case of not wanting to go with 'Jailbait' through fear of being chased down by papa, who is in all likelihood younger than I!