Monday, July 15, 2013

A few more from yesterday

The inimitable KY interrogates a new runner.

You call it animal abuse, we call it hash hospitality.

One of our new crop of disgustingly young, fit, fast Hatyai runners.

Buk Toy and Mii, canine icon of HH3.

A rogues gallery of front-running shortcutters.


  1. Beavershot you've broken the Scum again. It's not loading anything after Short Screw's photo with Mii, when viewing with IE8. Come to think of it, it was more likely the photo of Short Screw that has stopped the Web from working to prevent it from falling any further into disgrace.

    1. Oh aye, it's all comin' out now!

      Likely more a case of buggy IE caching... Chrome sees it all fine, including an SS full-frontal. :p

  2. No I think it was that picture of the Spawn of Satan getting iced that did it. Anyhow try it now -- might be fixed.