Sunday, July 14, 2013

Order is restored

Mii the Dog inspects the arriving Short Screw for possible food.
After several weeks of extreme/bizarre/erratic runs set by the likes of the SH3 Pussies, Robocop, Sex Star, and, er, me, it was time for something a little more normal before we had an outright mutiny on our hands. So up stepped Egghead, offering to set a run on his favorite hill. We expected good things and we got them: lovely runsite amid the rubber, a novel ascent, some classic ridge running, and plenty of gentle downhill on the way back.

Even the most reluctant long runner (that would be Gan Yao) would have to admit that the views were spectacular, thanks to some ambitious new terracing work that has cleared out several big chunks of jungle hillside. It was an old run that felt like a new run.

Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, the first runners were back in 1:10, and most everyone else within the next 10 or 15 minutes. There was a particularly long feeding and drinking session before the circle, by which time it was pitch dark and the dengue mosquitoes had given way to the malarial ones. Then onto the ice:

New runner: Softcock’s
daughter Hermione, visiting from Oz. Actually I don’t think that was her name but I didn’t hear her real one announced so it will have to do. Welcome to Songkhla!

Sinners: Beavershot, for happening to be talking when the GM called the circle. As you may remember from the reign of Egghead I, depending on the phase of the moon or perhaps the tightness of his underwear, our bipolar GM tends to veer between ineffectual old fartdom and jackbooted autocracy, and today he was in the latter mode. So tell us, which Egghead do you prefer?

More sinners: Softcock, for bringing proof of his contribution to the population explosion back when he was still capable of such things. Temporary Relief, I think for talking in the circle. Only a Yolk, for never not talking. Mucky Pup, for throwing ice water on two respected senior hashers before the run. (OK, so I lied about the “respected” part.) And Short Screw, for general grandstanding, showboating, and competitive running.

Hare: Egghead. Despite his continuing and utter inability to get down and party, train dogs, raise children, manage his work life, control his wife, etc., this guy can still set a run like nobody else. He even makes it look easy, and as we’ve seen in recent weeks, it isn't. So on-on till next Saturday and our milestone SH3/Full Moon Run #99.9!


  1. Good rehash for a quality run (right up there with Egg/Beavo/Stick of old), more than making up for recent, though nonetheless fun, affairs. Smooth(ish) terrain, grand views, twat of a final check and a boisterous circle, what more could one ask for?

    Roll on 99.9 which, incidentally, is a merged SH3/full moon as opposed to a double according to the soon to be Headache, or was that HeadEgg? Get there at 6pm, not 4pm!

  2. The Masked AvengerJuly 14, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    A good Stick run? What were you smoking?

    1. ... indeed, but his dodgy ego needs massaging once in a while or he feels left out and regresses into knobbyhead mode.

  3. ... as opposed to a complete inability to stay up and party, eh Beaver?

    1. Ah ha, I was wondering which one of that list of insults would strike home. And just for the record, apart from that madman Short Screw, I was the last member of the hashing community to leave the party on Friday night. So there!