Saturday, July 27, 2013

Low downs and high ups

Here is the low down on today's run; well actally it's a high up really as a low down would look a bit more like the view we had from the 4th 360; a bit like this...
From this angle it all looked a bit unfamiliar, but in fact, the hills away to the left (South East) of are those that we access either from the Eastern side of Sai Kao Village or from the quarry behind Rong Rien Tan Kwai which is just out of shot on the left hand edge of the picture, the same hills we were running on 2 weeks ago (see run 1674 below). Over on the right is the main Hatyai - Jana Highway with its intersection with the old Yala road more or less in the center background.
But there's a lot of country back there....
For the record, todays three runs, tweaked to remove the effects of the checks were: short - 3.6k, max. elevation 158m; medium - 4.4k, max. elev. 174m, and long - 6.6k, max elev. 264m, total ascent 325k. The first runners in on the long run took about 1hr. 15mins. The last runners in from both the long and the short runs took about 1hr. 40 mins.


  1. Great run, apart from Short Screw repeatedly sprinting past me and disappearing into the distance. That whole area back there offers all kinds of possibilities if we can find some new runsites back in beyond Wat Phijit.

  2. Blame it on the nuts, Beavo-boy. One was feeling particularly messed up (Friday night) prior to scoffing a handful of monkey(s) kernels.

    But yes, very impressive, surpassed only by that recent beauty in the terraces.