Saturday, April 29, 2017

The run they didn't want you to do.

..."they" as in the forces of international evil conspiring to take away YOUR personal liberty and bring in the new global NANNY STATE. Well they failed today, huh? Run 1871, formerly know as run 1868, was  8.6k according to Mr. Garmin hand-held, but sensible old Mrs. Garmin on the pc lopped a full kilometer off that, so with the 7 F's and single X the long run was probably only a shade over 6k. Felt longer? well, that would have been the 350m total ascent kicking in and the maximum height reached (at the 4th 360) of 285m taking its toll. The short run was about 3.5k and featured some rugged sections inspired by Mr. Garmin who successfully enabled the two runs to link up despite being separated by 100m of impenetrable shiggy, as well as some great walking trails and a couple of waterfalls to boot. Both runs benefited from the beer stop which gave the hares a good excuse for not sweeping, for which Harram (that sad old decrepit dog) was particularly grateful, having been dragged round 2 recces, the long run lay and the short run lay as well. I think she deserves 2 hare credits for that! The short run ate it in about 25 minutes to the beer stop, The long run took their time and were there in about an hour longer. Sad, old and decrepit?


  1. All very stirring and admirable, but since you mention NANNY STATE, let's see, who are the two most notorious nanny hares on SH3? Well, many would say Egghead and Yardstick. Or as they are known to some, Yardhead and Eggstick. But I say they are both cat's paws, pardon the expression, for that little black devil determined to get to 100 lays before I do. She's running the whole show, you know.

    1. Chance would be a fine thing! These days I'm so old and decrepit that when I do attempt to sweep (and that's not too often), I am never close enough to anyone to nanny them along! Woof woof!

    2. Me too. In fact I believe I have perfected the art of "Sorry, can't sweep -- must go set up the beer stop." I mean, who's going to complain about that?