Saturday, April 1, 2017

Unseasonably wet beaver

Long run in blue, short in yellow. I admire those hares, like Egghead and Yardstick, who can keep track of all their false trails, checks, and checkbacks and put them on their trail records. I just can't seem to get organized enough to do it myself. But at last I've managed a beer can.
Well I guess someone has to set the first cold wet run of the year and this year it was my turn. The long run featured ten 360s but no false trails and only one checkback, at the very end. It measured just over 6km in length with total ascent of just 210m and a high point of 172m. Most of the hounds devoured the first 4.5km, to the beer stop, in no more than 45 minutes. Short run was almost exactly 4km, total ascent a bit over 100m. Circle called off on account of the drizzle and chill, not that it stopped us from attempting to drink the beer truck dry.

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