Sunday, April 16, 2017

This weekend's runs, kind of

OK, so here's Saturday's SH3 run, set by Innuendo. I think enough of us went around it and seemed to enjoy it that we restored his fragile ego . . . KNOB, YOU ARE A GOD! Probably about 95% accurate.

And then here's today's Hatyai run, except that after the first 4km or so I decided I could improvise a better way of my own than the tortuous "trail" that Modify had bashed out through the crap. So the last 1km or so before the beer stop and then the way home from there are not as the hare laid it, and I am not in the least repentant. Even the beer can is inaccurate, as the only adult drink offered at the beer stop was Boon Rawd's dreadful new "U" beer. Not that we ever complain about a beer stop.

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