Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yesterday’s SH3 run looked like it was turning out to be a washout with a rather small turnout by the Songkhla crowd. Thankfully Hatyai runners turned up in force (how many Egghead?), but due to other commitments (party?) the HH3 contingent had to leave early, immediately after the run. A hard decision had to be made by the hare, between having a beerstop or sweeping (nanny-haring) the run. In the end the beerstop had to go, and even then it took the long runners one and a half hours to return to the runsite, with a relatively short track of less than 6km, without the F’s and 360’s.
Details are:  Long run:  6.9km (inc. all the false trails and checks); total ascent 400m; max height 217m;  8 x 360s, 6 x false trails, 2 x check-backs, although the 2nd 'X' was not found.
Short run:  3.3km;  total ascent 150m; max height 205m.;  2 x 360s, 1 x false trail.


  1. How many? 5 to be precise not including Buk Toy and Palm Job. The party (to which we were not invited!) was up at the scout camp beyond Ban Nai Lai and featured nubile young ladies "serving" the attendees (serving or servicing you have to wonder!)

  2. No wonder, I would have been in a hurry too. They didn't thank me for making it hard though. The run, that is!

  3. Strange, HJ & I got invited.

    I was up at that camp last week and it's getting quite developed. Time for an outstation run there.

  4. It's possible that we did too but OaY wasn't letting on! She was my source of information on Sunday so she was obviously in the know and that may have been why she refused to attend the run on Saturday! Women!