Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heads up! Full moon camp out next week.

Advanced notice that the next Hatyai Full Moon H3 run will be at the top of the hill at Kuan Lao at the former scout camp behind Na Mom, next Tuesday, 9th May. It will be a standard HFMH3 run but there will be a camp-out afterwards, so while active runners will pay the standard  rego of 50 Baht, returning runners will be asked to pay a little more (the GM'ette is thinking about it!)  All pledges of beer or other happy-juice are welcome as are contributions of food. Please let the GM'ette know either on Saturday or Sunday next week if you are coming so that catering can be arranged accordingly. The top of the hill is now accessible to rugged vehicles although 4-wheel drive is recommended. There will be parking/transport facilities at the bottom of the hill available for anyone who does not want to tackle the hill in their vehicle, but again, we need to know that you are coming.
Full details later .


  1. I don't think the March will make it but how about the Scoopy?

  2. I haven't done it on wheels but I would have thought any decent m/c would be able to make it. But there will be a shuttle service up in the evening and down in the morning as long as our clutch holds up!

  3. Not sure the Scoopy qualifies as "decent" but one way or another I'll make it.