Monday, May 22, 2017

What went wrong this week?

Well, actually not a lot. No one got lost or angry or threw anything and although yesterday's HH3 run lacked the impressive scale of Saturday's SH3 A-B run or the previous week's HH3  monster, the pack were generally enthusiastic and showed their enthusiasm by good-humoredly sticking around to the bitter end in the hope of polishing off the beer.

For the record, the long run was measured by Mapsource  at about 6k but with the 8Fs and 2X's added expanded to a tolerable 7.5k. However the short run which by Mapsource should have been 4.2k was logged on Sex Teacher's GPS as just over 5k, so the long run may have been a little longer.

But everybody made the beer stop within an hour. Despite LotL's complaint about going up too many hills, the long run didn't scale either of the two available peaks, skirting around both for a maximum height around the 4th 360 of 251m with a total ascent sans Fs and Xs of about 280m .For much of the long run the in and out trails were less than 200m apart  and at no point were the two trails more than 600m apart so that the area enclosed was only 700sqm, surely one of the lowest figures possible for a 6k run. But despite that, short-cutting seemed not to be a major problem as much of that 700sqm was impassible terrain  The short run meanwhile hit a creditable 200m.following a fairly well-worn track particularly familiar to Sex Teacher since on her first SH3 run she accidentally did pretty much the same run after missing the turn off for the short run, vowing never to leave the safety of the rescue vehicle and certainly never to return to the hash. Yesterday as well as leading the short run pack round, she was also the only one to then add the walk out to the beer stop which sadly did not service.the short runners. A worthy performance from SH3's GM!


  1. Two egcellentastic runs, no kee. Well actually Kee Ling was present, but not on the run, where she would have been quite handy sweeping. Considering the runs were set in rather well worn locations both runs were uniquely creative. We promise that this week's SH3 run will be suitably mediocre with something for everyone to complain about.

  2. Saturday's run had all the elements of a massive screw-up and yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. And Sunday's run was like a sane version of last Sunday's. If sanity's your thing, I mean.