Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why you don't turn left from this runsite

You're all getting soft. Hear me, soft! A mere 6km including all the bits you didn't really need to do. A bit of shiggy here and there going up and down the hill, but that's the reason we don't use this hill much. Perfect weather, free beer, and a few real trails where you could actually run. Ah well . . . if you want gratitude, get a dog. Like Hippo. He's my buddy! Arrrrrwwwrrrgggaaa!

Somebody measured total ascent at about 300m, which sounds right. Highest point was just 228m. Everybody except Khan Khai made it to the beer stop, which was almost home, in about 1:25, and even he wasn't too much later. The circle was long and spirited and if we didn't drink the beer truck dry we certainly gave it our best shot.


  1. Good run, particularly if you didn't do the bits you didn't need to do (na na na na naaaa!) Hippo was too tired to jump on to the pick-up at 6:00 a.m. this morning so was not able to accompany Lucky in setting today's run! Incidentally, as advised yesterday the directions sent out earlier and posted on the on-line organs are correct: take the old Hatyai road for 4k from the Ko Yo intersection to the Kuan Hin traffic lights (13k from Ko Hong if coming from Hatyai) turn left (or right if coming from Hatyai); go 5.4k and turn left opposite the temple arch at Borogam. Go 500m to the runsite at/opposite the big wooden sala. The hare is Kai Jeow. Be there!

  2. Sounded good to me, Jonnyboy, esp if there was beer! Tough to please a bunch of girls. :p

    Only ones that are worthy of a whinge are Robo's never-ending uppy-downy, jungly, no beery slogs.