Monday, January 2, 2017

...and SH3's New Year's Eve run

Here, belatedly, is the track from Saturday's, last-run-of-the-year, run by a similarly small pack largely composed of Farangs - the long run entirely so, with Crackwurst and High Ball the only fully vernacular members on the short run. There was a late decision to run the two runs separately rather than shortening the long run and lengthening the short run to match, taken after Kan Kai was prevailed upon to become a long runner, which he did with some aplomb being with the FRB's all the way round. The total distance was about 7k, the F's and X's adding another half a klick, with a total ascent of about 300 meters and a maximum point of 254m reached on three different occasions. The short run was 4.5k and had a total ascent of about 120m. The packs were then treated to the Christmas dinner left-overs in the form of a hearty chicken soup (just right for those tropical winter evenings!) followed by (or preceded by in some cases) the other Christmas pudding complete with last years (i.e. 2015's) brandy butter courtesy of the departed and oft lamented Softy and Temp. No reports so far of what happened after that other than most went on-on into a wet Songkhla and saw in the New Year together or only just apart, as some chose to celebrate its coming in the Corner Beer rather than at the HSB, with Stick Insect, having that afternoon achieved his life's goal of becoming the all-time most prolific runner, temporarily AWOL in another dimension. (Ok, the Cosmos!).

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