Saturday, January 14, 2017


The long run (clockwise in purple) was 6.8k all up, reducing to about 5.5k without the F's and X's. The total ascent was in the region of 300m with the highest point at the end of the second F at 238m. Sex Sprinter who seemed to know instinctively where the run was going was first home in "about an hour",The short run (anti-clockwise in purple and green) which featured rather more water hazards than the long run, crossing and recrossing the same 2 streams on 4 occasions, was 2.7k and as promised, never quite made it to 100m. A number of late arrivals including Ru Man Kap, Kan Kai and Hot Buns attempted it backwards which seemed to work just as well.
With so many new and semi new runners and without so many regulars there was a slightly unreal feel to the whole run, culminating in Suraj being named Fathima at the behest of new runner Stefan. Still. nothing that a case of beer can't remedy!

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