Monday, October 17, 2016

The close ties between exercise and beer

From the New York Times, further evidence that exercise and beer are made for each other. For their latest study, scientists used lab rats rather than hashers (they're better behaved) and discovered an interaction between running and drinking that we already know about:

". . . while the animals’ brains responded similarly to the two activities, they did not respond identically, the past studies show. There are aspects of reward processing related to exercise that differ from reward processing related to drinking, and those differences may help to explain why, if given the opportunity, animals will avidly engage in both running and ethanol sipping. The resulting neurological high appears to be generally more pervasive and lasting than with either activity alone."

Read the whole article here.

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  1. Perceived thirst-quenching merits and conviviality aside – let's face it, alcofrol/exercise doesn't do much for us bodily in the long term (just look what it does to insects!) – but there is defo something in all this. I guess one leads to the other, but put em together and that burst after a beer stop can be otherwordly… perhaps a combo of endorphin-induced runner's high (for those that can still get their heart rate beyond 80% of max through non-sexual means) and dopamine-release from the effects of external stimuli, ie beer.

    I can certainly attest to this post-beer stop on HeadEgg's mammoth goat f***ing run, AND through Singha, no less! The lack of amber nectar choice owing, in large part, to rampant beer swillers, Itchy taters, Monkey Poo and Insectoid Vermin, et al. The alternative, ‘last resort' of lagers (for me) didn't go down too well and that lager-belch was a long time coming. But following a 10-minute lull was an almighty boost, the likes of which I have never seen before through a Leo-induced one... we're talking 100% thrust restored for a good 10mins to carry one to the runsite at full tilt. Amazing!

    The moral?: more puke-worthy Sing on beer stops, please, and that at least one beer stop be mandatory on any normal run. Birthday runs are not normal… hint hint, 1844 hares. ;)