Monday, October 10, 2016

A vertical mudfest

And here's yesterday's HH3 run, most likely laid by Sexy and Sex of the Man (the original -- accept no imposters!). It was only about 6km long but felt almost that high, most of which elevation was gained on slippery muddy hillsides not designed to be traversed by man or hasher. In fact total ascent looks to have been just under 400m.

The best feature of this run was a beer stop at the camp on top of the hill, after which Khai Jiao, Inchdick, and Sex Focus walked down the road with beers in hand, frontrunning in style until the former two broke into a totally unnecessary Hollywood finish about 100m from the runsite.


  1. Sex Si; Sexy is a pussy... er.. perhaps in view of Donald Trump I should rephrase that: She is a lady runner!

  2. Too much sex, it's confusing.