Sunday, October 9, 2016

In line with past efforts to conserve the countryside and confine our runs into a small an area as possible, this week’s run was folded several times to mostly fit within the boundaries of the previous weeks run. There was also a certain degree of envy on the part of the hare of the length and breadth of the previous hare’s run, So maintaining a similar length, but in a smaller package, slightly more uppers were achieved, however failing to reach the same heady heights.
Sadly in an effort to accommodate a middle class of runners, the hare over extended and in an effort to jury-rig a new track by laying additional paper, he not only led the front runners astray he also managed to lose the very people he was trying to help. Lucky enough and through the very much appreciated help of the local village people, and of course other hashers, Allblack, Eightball, Big Tool & Little Tool were returned to the fold by about 8.00pm after a slight deviation.
For the statistically inclined the long run encompassed an area of 0.6 sq km, of which the short run contained 0.4sq km. Egghead’s run in comparison covered 2.0 sq km. The total length of the long run was 9.1 km, marginally longer than the previous week’s tortuous run of 9.0km. Overall height gained was 416m at a maximum height of 152m. The short run overall length was 3.4 km and total ascent of just over 100m.


  1. All Black is reportedly resting comfortably in the Psychological Trauma ward of PSU Hospital, and doctors say they might even be able to reduce her Thorazine drip by next week or so.

  2. Who are you calling middle class? We are all an obviously higher class of people.

  3. Kudos to hare, as always (and for non-regular hares, it is a HUGE effort), but dunno about these square-kilometre runs; fun for a change but a bit fiddly. Can't beat a nice circle with big views / tracks, (multiple) beer stops and slim chance of hitting out-trails... sure tempter for potential new runners and keeping 'old' ones (All Black's, "I'm done with the hash", was likely a spontaneous, lost in the wilderness kind of exclamation, but ominous nonetheless).

    Btw, believe MarkJ is 'Little Tool'?