Sunday, October 2, 2016


The long run was 7.3k without the checks, 9k with them, The maximum height at the up-ward X on the 3rd check was 224m and the total ascent about 290m. The short run was 3.9k with the first 1.5k to the beer stop only taking about 20 minutes. The long run had a run-in with a goat farmer which slowed them down and they took over an hour to complete the 5k or so to the beer stop but then polished off the rest of the run before GM Keeling who had opted for the short run made it home as the last straggler on the beer-stop truck. Another big turn-out, topping 50 for the second week in a row. Lots of returning runners and a couple of newbies to boot; a birthday girl and a whole host of sinners made for a raucous circle which went on long after dusk. Plans for a karaoke on-on were thwarted when it was discovered that Tung Jaeng was closed for some obscure religious festival.


  1. Big numbers of yesteryear! Long may it continue.
    Excellent run. I think our appreciation, or lack thereof, at the circle got kind of clouded by the goat molestation incident (INNUENDO!). But that downhill and run-ins to the beer stop and run site were quite sublime.

  2. Put it this way, he may have lived up to his new namesake already as we gather some knobbing may have been involved. As a result, Mr goat farmer was not a happy puppy, screaming at bemused hashers and removing every strand of shreddy (bar two slivers) for approx 500m... likely with the aid of abused goats.