Sunday, October 23, 2016

Men without goats

SH3 celebrated its midlife crisis in style yesterday, starting with an excellent A-to-B run followed by one of our biggest circles in recent years, thanks to our Samui H3 visitors. Then there was food and drink aplenty, carrying on till midnight for the hardcore. Really the only thing lacking were the promised farm animals. Apparently the resort had the good sense to lock them away for the duration. Here are a few shots from a somewhat impaired photographer.

The Hatyai and Songkhla GMs oversee the beer supply.
Two of the three hares return from their lay.
The Conebrain family arrives.
The serious drinking begins.
Short Screw licks the Knob.
Sex Black Man, or as Yardstick calls him, Black Sex Man.
Men without goats . . . it's not a pretty sight.

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