Monday, September 26, 2016

Geezer triumph!

A few minutes before yesterday's 10km race. Pee Wee (left) had already run an impressive 3:15 for a seriously hilly half marathon the day before. Now it was up to the 10km wimps -- Yardo, Olive Oyl, Handjob, Beaver, and Stick Insect -- to uphold the honor of Songkhla Hash.
It was billed as the "toughest 10km race" in Vietnam, if not all Indochina. In fact it felt no harder than a longish SH3 or HH3 run, to the point where we all began wishing we had done the 21km run with Tim. But no matter -- the Songkhla geezers swept the 60+ age group, winning gold (SI: 1:22.48), silver (BS: 1:23.18) and bronze (YS: 1:27.35). In fact SI and BS came in 2nd and 3rd among all over-50s. Our finishing positions were 35th, 37th, and 50th respectively out of the 408 who completed the race.

Click to see the shocking 1-2-3 victory!
 A little further back, Olive Oyl came in 121st at 1:48.48, while flower-picking selfie-taking Handjob finished 214th at 2:09.10. Full race results here if you're really interested.

Lovely cool weather, incredible mountain scenery, and a total vindication of hashing and beer drinking as the perfect preparation for mountain races. If you weren't there you should have been!


  1. Good effort, chaps and chapesses.

  2. brilliant! get back here and drink more beer!

  3. SS, you should have come. First two finishers in your age group were at 1:08 and 1:14. You certainly would have gotten silver and probably gold. This run is made for us.