Sunday, September 25, 2016

The long way home

If  you wanted to go to Egg Towers, you probably wouldn't start from the Old Yala road. But that's what the surprisingly large long run pack did on Saturday in honour of the pussy's birthdays. Meanwhile, the short run which required two trucks to get them to the start, skipped the first 3.4k but still had a fairly hefty 5+k to cover, although a number opted to call it a day at the beer stop, which abandoned its post before  the arrival of Gan Yao, who therefore had to do the whole 8.7k without the aid of a drink. Total ascent was about 120m with the run getting up to around 70 meters on three occasions, which new runner, Vincent felt constituted "hills" - just wait until next week!
The circle swiftly followed the end of the run as a number of people wanted to watch the football on the big screen TV that Frozen Nuts had thoughtfully provided for that purpose, and the rest were anxious to tackle the food mountain before the feline pussies finally worked out how to get the enormous fish provided by Sex Sprinter off the BBQ and into their stomachs. GM Keelyn had other ideas however and a longish circle ensued, at which several attempts were made to deal with all the returning runners who just kept returning, the birthday pussies were serenaded, and Somsook avoided being named "Selfie Stick" (as she richly deserved) as the HH3 masses threw their voices behind the somewhat obscure "Sawng Tau". Som nom na.
There followed a party which was largely conducted around the TV as Man U did their thing. Stumps were drawn around 10:00 p.m. when it was realised that all the food had mysteriously disappeared and the consumption of all the beer was a practical impossibility without Sticky and Yardo's presence (Beaver would have been tucked up in bed by then anyway!)

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