Friday, September 2, 2016

Out of the Box Revisited: (The hare's directions)

The concept was to find a one square kilometre area that encompassed the
very best hashing country in the region, varied land usage, good running
trails with elevation varying from slightly above sea level to about
800’……… and then to go somewhere entirely different and give you what
you deserve!


From the Koh Yoh intersection take the new Hat Yai road for 8.3km, turn
left and go 1.1 kilometers turning left at the blue roofed sala. Follow
the track about 600 meters to the car park (hah!) on the right.

Please note that parking is limited, the thoughtful, caring hare will
be on site to offer assistance

1 comment:

  1. I'm honored that my run-in-a-box has now inspired, in its small way, not one but two fine runs, by Egghead and Gan Yao. And so I propose to add an extra dimension to my next run: it will all be done within a very small cube.