Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Going for gold (or silver, or bronze, or just trying to finish)

Could this be the running form that sees an SH3 runner win the geezer division?

Contrary to vicious rumors, there was in fact a 10km run last year at the Vietnam Mountain Marathon. As you can see in the results here, the winner did it in 55:08. Two other runners also broke the one-hour mark, which happens to have been Stick Insect's original goal until we told him he was out of his mind. But who knows. Could an SH3 representative find himself on the podium this year?

Seeing as how NOBODY over the age of 60 ran the 10km last year, we might reasonably expect at least one or two medal finishers in the geezer category. Not to mention Olive Oyle, who despite being in a highly competitive age group, seems pretty fit and well trained on our hills every Saturday.

Pee Wee, our sole runner attempting the half marathon, has a tougher task in front of him. Don't worry Pee Wee, we're all going to be out there cheering for you two weeks from Saturday. Actually of course we'll be drinking beer and generally behaving like idiots, but we know that's all you expect of us. On-on into the record books!

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