Friday, September 16, 2016

Three runs and a missing GM

First up, this week's SH3 details, with misdirections courtesy of the hare, are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' run #1839, Saturday September 17th 2016, 4:30 p.m.
Hare: Short Screw
Misdirections: From the Kao Seng intersection, go 16k along the Old Yala Rd and turn right at Wat Khun Thong for 3.5k to the big tree (or cut across to the big tree from the turn-off 1.5k south of the Ang Thong junction*). Turn left just after the big tree for 100m, then go right following the winding road through the village for 700m. Turn left at the T junction for 1.4k to the runsite up the hill at the end of the concrete.
From Hat Yai, head east from the Tha Kham crossroads for 5.8k and turn right at the hash sign just before the tree.
(*Difficult on Saturday afternoon as there is a market in full swing. But the big tree can be reached by taking the right turn 3k S. of Ang Thong, then after 1.5k turning left at the crossroads. ed.)

Hatyai Hash will be resuming normality this weekend with their brand spanking new GM in full control and setting the run with Sex Printer. The run site can best be reached from Tha Kham if you're coming from Songkhla (head South towards Wat Keow Kloy for 1k and turn left) or Keow Kloy if coming from Hatyai (head North towards Tha Kham for 1k and turn right) then follow the road for about 1k to the runsite on the right.

Finally, last night's Hatyai Full Moon H3 run (above) was sparsely but meaningfully attended with eight runners on the long run, five or six on the short run, and Big Foot opting for a random walk between the two. The pack were kept together by a combination of the checks and the soggy paper, which made following the trail in vegetation difficult, with the result that all the long runners including the hare came in within a couple of minutes of each other in about an hour and a quarter, surprisingly long for a 6k'ish run. The short run was short (2.8k) and took about 30 minutes. Attendees included Sex Blackman, the new HH3 GM, but SH3's GM was notable by her absence. She was reported to be laying low, but other reports suggest that she was out trying to raise the money to prevent Beaver from publishing the photographs of her fall from grace last weekend. Come back, Ape Shit! All is forgiven!


  1. Surely it is incumbent on the older members of the hash to teach(?) those younger that guilt doesn't need to be carried but in fact can be overcome with the aid of alcohol. Stick Insect you are a teacher, experienced in this area, do your job.

  2. It's true, the photos of him are just as disgusting but it'd be a waste of time to try to blackmail him. Extortion only works with people who are trying to cling to the tattered remains of their reputations.