Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today's run today

1837 in all it's glory: 7k with all the checks and a whisker over 6k without them. Although the total ascent was around 200m, the long run never got over 100m. The short run was a fairly challenging 4.5k with about 100m of ascent and took in the smallest of the three hills climbing to about 60m.
The one thing which was notable by its absence was the beer stop, which should have occurred at the 5th 360 but mysteriously failed to materialise as Beer Truck Driver III didn't make the rendezvous. But some strange instinct in both the short and long run packs seemed to operate to cause them to gravitate towards the  area anyway and the whole hash congregated just after the 5th check aided by McMucky's phantom sighting of a checkback.
First runner home in one hour was Sex Sprinter who seemed to know the area - hardly surprising as he has taken over Robocop's haring role on Sunday (see above), which seems likely to involve using similar country. Shame about the small turn-out, but it didn't seem to blunt the determination of the few to defeat the beer truck's resources which at time of leaving they had marginally failed to do but seemed likely to accomplish.

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