Sunday, August 14, 2016

A modest run failing to meet lofty aspirations

The idea was to set a run which enclosed an area of 4kmwithin a circuit of no more than 8k, which as resident mathematician, R2D2 confirmed was perfectly possible as long as the run was pretty much circular - which yesterday's run wasn't! Not even nearly so if Garmin's Mapsource © is to be believed which recorded a measly 1.4 km2 within a circuit of 8.4k, reducing to about 7k without the 7 F's and 2 X's.The total ascent for the long run was about 200m with the maximum height at F5 above the beer stop, 120m. For most of the short runners, the green bit of the run was 4.5k and almost flat, but for All Black, Olive Oyle, Gabriel and Matum the run was closer to 6.5k as they missed the turn off and followed the long run round as far as the beer stop, which by then had been transported back at the runsite, before finding the short run paper  and following it backwards, only finally admitting defeat as darkness fell by making a phone call to say that they had just reached the sign telling them where the short and long runs divided, which they had missed the first time round. Happily the rescue vehicle was on hand to whisk them back to be iced for over-achievement. Other recipients of hash justice were Short Sex and Screw Printer who joined up the 3rd F and the 4th 360, without being on paper once, and hare, Egghead for failing to prevent the 4 lost souls from straying off paper at the great divide - tough!

Early warning that there is a full moon run in prospect on Wednesday of this week likely to be from somewhere at or adjacent to the Psycho Resort. Egghead will again the the hare and more information will be posted here by Tuesday latest.

Finally, today's hares have been changed into Sex Sprinter, Toy Boy and Star Soccer so it is safe to come to the run this afternon!


  1. 28 humans, 9 mutts and 1 insect. Not a bad turnout.

    T'was a good run with some nice trails and these big, open run sites are good for the kids (and olds). Oh, and I also managed to lose ANOTHER f'kin pair of shades... punishment for short-cutting?

  2. Full moon on Wednesday for shua? If so I'll make a point of getting back in time for it.

    1. Ok, run site now changed to the same quarry we ran from at HH3 today. Shucks, 2 days of picking up paper in store!