Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Three Ridges Run #1836

The long run was 8.5kms including the checks & false trails, and went upwards just over 300m. The short run was 3.5kms long and 130m of ascent. On a recount 2 of the false trails were falsely broadcast and didn’t in fact exist, so the long run included 7 checks, 7 false trails & 3 check-backs, easy heh! The beerstop also didn’t materialise for the short run due to tardiness on the part of the beer truck driver. All in all, you just can’t trust the hare! Thankfully at least, no concrete was used for the run itself.
One final note, on completion of the run, could everyone please return all hash lanterns & lights, hooks, etc., to the lighting carry bag so they can be recharged for the next run.

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