Thursday, August 18, 2016

Full Moon 130

Faced with avoiding or relocating Sunday's HH3 paper, the hare opted instead to avoid or relocate Saturday's SH3 paper instead, on the grounds that he at least knew where that was having laid it and also   having had some difficulty finding Sunday's paper on Sunday. The run therefore briefly followed Sunday's in trail before heading out across the road to the furthest point reached on Saturday's SH3 run (in grey above) which it then followed up the first little hill before taking a new direction away from the bigger hill which Saturday's run had included. The way home included a short stretch of Sunday's out trail so there was a good deal of recycling as well as some old favorite tracks which must have looked a bit different by torch-light as the pack managed to get lost at the 4th check in an area that we frequently visit from both sides of the hill. Overall distance as laid was about 6k without the F's and X's although GPS equipped hounds measured it at well over 7k with them. The total ascent was below 80m with the highest point reached at the first F about the same.. Meanwhile the short runners tackled 4.3k with about the same ascent and were home a good 30 minutes before the long runners.
The groundhog award goes to Short Screw, who managed to repeat his ice-rewarded performance on Saturday in reverse by cutting across from the X at the second check to the redundant F from Saturday's run despite the hares instructions not to go beyond any of the F's or X's;He claimed it was only 80 meters away but he was actually 250 meters beyond the X!


  1. The 80m was about how far we headed directly back along the paper from the X before cutting right. In any case, I blame Ape Shit as I was following her all the way. :) It is fair to say, though, that for much of the run I had no idea wtf I was. However, reckon I redeemed myself somewhat after finally discovering paper on C4! We must've been up there for 15 minutes.

    1. Moral: Never follow a woman, particularly one with ideas!

  2. Cheers to the hare who managed to totally disorient a pack that had run the area just days before.

  3. Well, yes....but it was dark? And most of the pack are usually disorientated, even at home!