Saturday, August 6, 2016

Small run trapped in a box

The green line is a 1km square.
OK, I guess this one was a little too conceptual for its own good. I wanted to see if I could set a run more or less within one square kilometer. The answer is that you can, but that doesn't mean people will run it without shortcutting. Anyhow as set it was 8km with false trails and about 7.2km without, with a high point of 168m and total ascent of just under 200m. Most people came in right around the one-hour mark with the notable exception of the Eightball-Perky contingent who apparently did bits of both the short and long runs and took closer to 1:30. Afterwards there was beer and excellent kaeng kari kai from Only a Yolk.


  1. Good lun.
    Any perceived short-cutting was wholly unintentional, sort of (found myself long-cutting most of the thing!), but I got a free beer for it so there you go. ;)

  2. GPS trackers are now only about B1000. It'd be good fun to attach one to every runner and then compile all the tracks onto one map. Especially on a run like this one . . . .