Monday, January 18, 2016

Slightly off-course

Yesterday's HH3 run. Actual track in black, as recorded by Lady of the Lamp. Totally wrong-way improvisation in orange, by Sex Focus.
This is what can happen when you carry on the wrong way at a check because you assume you know where the paper is going. Instead of turning hard left at the 360 halfway up the first hill, Palm Job, Sex Black Man and I continued up the main track (now overgrown and just barely passable), thinking we'd meet the paper when we turned left at the top. Well, we didn't. I got as far as the Mini-Monster runsite at the top of the paved road above the Aw Baw Taw, then turned around as you can see and ran back along the road. PJ and SBM evidently carried on up the big hill and at some point found their way down to the left.

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