Sunday, January 17, 2016

Run 1804

Nothing complicated about Saturday's run, just run from A to B, so that's what we did, in more or less a straight line. The run was 8.7kms including the 6 false trails and 3 check-backs. There were a further 7 checks thrown in to try and slow down the front runners, but that didn't deter Sex Sprinter who managed to crack nearly all of them on his first try and came in well ahead of the pack in about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The run took the long runners over the top of the ridge in a nice gentle up, of about 280m, but a rather steep and slippery run down a new construction track which was built crossing all our old scenic mountain trails. Because of the potentially failing light due to predicted thunderstorms, the end of the run was cut short and the road option was taken to eliminate the possibility of lost runners.
The short run was a scenic walk of about 3.3kms around the base of the ridge, although the paper squares had to be re-laid twice due to the heavy rains in the area on Thursday and Friday nights. The total ascent on the short run was about 100m.

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